3 qualities that any online casino should have

Currently, there are a large number of online casino pages . Deciding which ones to play can be a real headache. Most online casinos show their virtues and their most outstanding characteristics , but it is often difficult to choose the best one for you.

To help you detect the best pages in the Mexican market, we are going to show you  3 qualities that any online casino should have to be considered quality.


One of the first aspects that you should take into account are the welcome bonuses . These bonuses are usually prizes in the form of free bets that you will receive for registering with a casino. Almost all online casinos offer this type of bonus , but the amount and terms that apply vary from page to page.

In this sense, there are two types of initial bonuses. First of all, the traditional welcome bonus , where the player must deposit money before they can get it. On the other hand, the registration bonus or no deposit bonus , which is obtained completely free of charge just by registering and verifying personal data.

Caliente Casino México is one of the pages that offers both welcome bonuses. In this case, we will pay special attention to the $ 400 MXN no deposit bonus, which you can obtain by registering at the Caliente casino by clicking here and subsequently verifying your account.

Similarly, with 888casino you can get $ 200 MXN just by registering at this online casino and verifying your personal data, without having to make any initial deposit if you don’t want to do it yet.

On the other hand, it should be noted that some casinos not only offer money to bet for free with this no deposit bonus. Likewise, they give their new customers also other prizes in the form of free spins to play slot machines, for example.


Any good online casino today should recognize having a wide range of payment and withdrawal systems from your account . It is not possible that a page can be considered of a certain level if you limit your payment methods to one, especially if we consider that each player has his own needs.

Visa and MasterCard are two fairly obvious payment options. In fact, they have a recognized prestige and are used in most countries where financial operations are carried out over the internet.

Similarly, many casino platforms offer other payment systems such as PayPal , Skrill or Paysafecard . These are methods to deposit money are relatively recent. However, they have already gained some prestige among many players in recent years.


The loyalty schemes is another of the qualities that any online casino should have. This means that the more a player plays, the more loyalty points he will add to his account.

Then the user can exchange these points for cash or prizes. As you collect more points, you will advance in the ranking of these VIP schemes .

Finally, it should be noted that some casino pages are moving away from this traditional point model and implementing a new trend called gamification .

In short, gamification is when you turn an ordinary task into a gaming experience. For the online casino, gamification often means turning loyalty schemes into stories, making the whole experience feel like a separate game.

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