Bookmakers Offering the Best MLB Odds

MLB Odds

Knowing how the MLB teams are currently, with respect to their matches with the team they will face, it will be much easier for you to choose the odds to which you will direct your bet.

The best MLB odds of bookmakers

The best odds in the MLB will be offered to you by research and knowledge about the teams you will bet on, since, knowing how the teams are currently and knowing the previous data, regarding their matches with the team they will face, It will be much easier for you to choose the quota to which you will direct your bet.

In other words, the better you know the teams that will face each other, the greater the chances that you will hit the different types of odds that you will play at your favorite bookmaker. Of course, here we will show you the best houses so that you can place your bets safely and simply when it comes to investing your money.

What are odds and how do they work in the MLB?

Also called quotas or odds in English, the odds are the numerical amount that indicates the probability of the result that can be generated or not, which translates into your possible profit from the bet. In other words, it is the value of the odds you will bet on.

In general, the teams with the highest chance of winning are the ones with a low number of fees that will be refunded, if they win, but the ones with the lowest chance of being victorious are the ones that receive a large part of the odds. In other words, the higher the team’s probability of winning, the lower your profit will be when the match ends and you withdraw your money.

Types of baseball odds

There are various types of odds in the world of baseball, such as American, decimal and fractional format, and here we will explain what it is and how each of them works.

American odds

These are the most used and recognized between the United States and Mexico. They are presented as a number of whole numbers, which are usually positive or negative.

To understand them, it is necessary to know that the figures that are shown as positive would be the profit from $100, so, on the contrary, the negative numbers ensure the amount that you have to bet if you want to win $100.

Decimal Odds

Decimals are mostly used in Europe, since they are quotas that are equivalent to the possibilities of the game. Usually these odds start with a whole number and is followed by a decimal.

Let’s suppose that one of the many teams has a quota of 3.50, that will mean that this team has a probability of 28.57 of winning this match, taking the formula of 100/3.50.

Fractional Format Odds

This system is odds is the one used in the United Kingdom, mainly. The fractions indicate the amount you could win, in case you hit the final result. For example, if you were to bet at an odd of 1/5, that means that for every five pesos or any currency you play, you will receive one more.

Popular Bets in MLB

For the MLB, you can count on the fact that there are several bets for the Baseball market and not just pigeonhole into one, and these are the World Series, American League, National or the MLB Divisions.

match winner

It is the most common type of bet among the wide variety of betting lines that there are for the MLB, where your game is tilted towards a winner, generally the final result can be specified or not, but it is a single result.

MLB line

It is where you can bet on the points spread, where each set is assigned a score of 1.5 before the game, in which a larger field in betting can occur. Generally, only 1.5 is placed because the games are not high-scoring.

First 5 entries

Also known as F5 bets in bookmakers, it is the bet that will only apply in the first half of the game, that is, the first five innings. For this bet, you will need to rate the starting pitchers and their performance in the first five innings.

Mlb handicap betting

Also called Line of Runs, unlike other sports, baseball is constant and most of the time it is set to 1.5, which indicates that if a team has -1.5, they must win by two runs, difference of a +1.5 handicap which means the team could lose by one point or win the game.

MLB Parleys

This game mode allows you to collect all your bets on baseball, where you can generate a bet note with two or more bets, accumulating more money than with a simple play.

Live betting

These are good options to play at your favorite bookmaker. Odds for live games are batter’s box appearances, runs, bases for each player and number of strikeouts by a pitcher per inning.

Which bookmaker offers the best MLB odds in Mexico?

The American baseball league comes with everything and now we will show you which are the best bookmakers with the best odds you can find, where they will offer you a wide variety of betting lines, so you can choose the ones of your preference.


This is one of the most recognized and trusted bookmakers in the world, because it has a large number of sports that you can bet on, as well as a huge number of payment methods and bets, which you can stay or use the one that feels most comfortable to you. This house always has combo deals for the MLB.


It is one of the most prominent and reliable bookmakers in Mexico and throughout Latin America. This house has average odds, in addition to having very good welcome bonuses and great offers, rated as one of the best in the market.


Codere is the best bookmaker from Spain, which offers you excellent odds and allows you to bet on many areas, such as the winner of the match, handicap, total runs, among others that we already mentioned. Totally reliable and recommended this bookmaker for those who want a more specific bet and result.

Are MLB odds reliable for betting?

The odds are completely reliable, but they are not for everyone, since you must instruct yourself in the art and rules of the sport to secure your bet much more when making it and not lose excess money.


In this article we present all the types of odds, what are the types of bets that you can make and much more, which will serve to instruct you very well from now on. As a piece of advice, play at the best bookmakers such as Bet365, Caliente and Codere, and educate yourself well in the sport, since it is not easy and we do not want you to lose your money.

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