TOP Biggest Jackpot Winnings in the History of Online Casinos


Anyone who has ever engaged in casino gaming has fantasized about winning the big prize. Thanks to current technologies, you may win millions of dollars from the convenience of your home. For the fortunate players on this list, it was the situation.

It takes a lot of effort to make it to the top of web-based casino jackpot winners. You will need to secure well over $15 million to get into the top five. Nevertheless, seeing these legendary wins ought to serve as a reminder that a decisive victory might come at any time.

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$13.47 million in Mega Fortune

The winner claims that he had trouble sleeping one night in late September 2011. He decided to play his preferred Mega Fortune slot machine to pass the time. But for a good reason, playing the game did not put him to sleep. The lucky gamer, who was from Norway, won a prize worth €11.7 million. It was almost $13.47 million in US dollars.

He won while gambling at Betsson Casino. Huw Thomas, the CEO of Betsson, expressed similar disbelief at the player’s victory. As one of the largest online casino prizes, it even brought the player and the casino a Guinness World Record.

$17.2 million in Mega Moolah

It is always exciting to witness a deserving player earn some serious money. This is the case with our ensuing winner. British soldier Jonathon Heywood scooped a record-breaking £13.2 million prize in 2015. That was equivalent to $17.2 million at the time. Heywood’s victory, according to accounts, came after just one 25-cent spin. When the fortunate spin occurred, Heywood was playing the Mega Moolah Progress Jackpot game.

$23.5 million in Mega Moolah

A lucky winner from 2018 makes it into the top of the biggest online casino winners. On what was supposedly a small-amount spin, this player won nearly €18.9 million. That was equal to somewhat more than $23.5 million at the time.

Playing the Microgaming hybrid Mega Moolah, this lucky player became rich. The significant victory, according to accounts, occurred in fewer than 50 spins. Even the Guinness Book of World Records was interested in it. Yet, the winner’s identity is still a mystery despite the fame. 

$23.6 million in Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah

In the spring of 2021, everyone was still working to recover from the epidemic. One fortunate gambler got a significant boost in that direction.

In April 2021, a player from Belgium sat down to play their preferred slot machine, Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah. They won the jackpot on the slot machine with an Alice in Wonderland theme just a few games later. The fortunate slot machine player earned more than $23.6 million. The winnings were so significant that they were even included on the list of the ten largest slot machine wins ever.

$24 million in Mega Fortune

A Finnish player took home the honor of the biggest win in the history of online casinos in 2013. The 40-year-old was enjoying the Mega Fortune slot machine at a Scandinavian web gambling platform.

The identity of the fortunate winner was never disclosed. However, we know that he wagered just 25 cents to win the eight-figure prize. What a fantastic investment!

The gambler hit a lucky spin, as shown in the victory video, which opened the bonus round. He continued through the Mega Jackpot wheel’s three rounds and won the top reward of more than €17.8 million. That was valued at approximately $24 million at the time.

Due to the bonus’s design, the record holder would have received the same payout regardless of the size of his wager. One of the numerous reasons why progress incentives are so beloved by online players is exactly this. This gain is another example of how crucial in-game bonuses are to video slots.

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