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Watchcartoononline is a website to watch cartoons online for free. Nowadays we have so many different apps with so many different cartoon shows and the users have to pay a monthly subscription to watch their favorite cartoon shows. That’s, why they came up with the website Watchcartoonsonline where users can watch all their favorite shows on the website for free. Though there are so many different websites to watch cartoon online, has gained more popularity than the rest.

Watchcartoononline has cartoons of all the genres including cartoons of so many different languages. On the website Watch cartoons online there are subtitles available for all the TV shows and movies, they also have a huge collection of Dubbed Cartoons. Website navigation is very easy for cartoon lovers, all the cartoon shows and movies are categorized as per the genres, so the users can find similar shows as per their interest. There’s a search box on the top, which allows the users to search for their favorite shows and movies. The best thing about is that they update the new cartoon shows and movies as soon as they are released.

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Features of Watch Cartoons Online

  • WatchCartoononlie is completely free to use and you don’t have to pay any subscription fee.
  • It has a huge list of all the famous Cartoon shows and movies.
  • Easy to navigate and easy to search for the cartoon shows and movies.
  • The users can also download their favorite cartoons to watch them later.
  • The users can request a new cartoon show or movie in the request section if the show or movie they are looking for is not on the website yet.
  • Users can watch cartoons in HD formats including 4k,2k, 1080p and 720p etc.

WatchcartoonOnline has always been the favorite site for all cartoon lovers for a long time. Watch Cartoon Online is a

very easy and catchy name to remember, that could be one of the reasons why it became very popular.

Unable to open WatchCartoonsOnline?

If you’re a regular Watchcartoononline user, you might be already aware that Watchcartoonsonline goes offline frequently nowadays. The main reason is because of the traffic overflow, which causes the server shutdown. And sometimes the sites like Watch cartoons online are blocked by the internet services providers or they might be blocked in your country. so, if you want to access WatchCartoonOnline you will need to install a VPN. These VPNs are very important in accessing these sites since they are not legal to use, so it’s important to mask your IP address using the VPN’s. There are so many VPN’s available in the market both free and paid. Most of the free one’s IP addresses are blocked, I suggest to buy a VPN which is gonna be very helpful while accessing sites like watchcartoonsonline.

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Since Watchcartoononline is down most of the time, people have starting looking for Watchcartoononline Alternatives. There are so many alternatives like Watchcartoonsonline which allows users to watch cartoons online free.

Best Alternatives of

Today, there are tons of alternatives for every App and every website. Now, we have so many Cartoon websites and Apps which allow the users to watch cartoon online for free. Since there are so many apps people are confused about which one’s are the best to watch cartoons online. Don’t worry, we made a list of Best Watchcartoononline Alternatives.



We all know that Youtube is the largest video streaming website in the world. Youtube has so many different varieties of videos being uploaded each and every second. Along with all other content, Youtube also hosts so many Cartoons Shows to watch for free. This is one of the best ways to watch Cartoons online legally. Youtube also has a download button, where you can download your videos and watch them later. That feature is very good when traveling since there’s no constant internet connection to stream them.

The users can log in to Youtube using their Google account and sync all their favorite shows. The users can Like, comment and subscribe to their favourite channels. Since Youtube is available for all platforms, the users can access it through any device using the Youtube App or through a web browser. Users can also remove the ads on their youtube by getting a youtube premium subscription.



Toonjet is a very famous Cartoon and Anime streaming site like Watchcartoononline. Toonjet is also free to use and there are no subscription charges. The users don’t have to sign up for an account to watch their favorite shows, they can just open and start watching any show without having to signup or login. Toonjet doesn’t have irritating and annoying ads on its website like other ones which is the reason Toonjet is one of the best Watchcartoonsonine Alternative.

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The specialty of this website is that it has both the latest cartoon shows and the old classic ones which are not easy to find. All the shows and movies are divided according to their genre and release year so that the users can find their favorite shows easily. Apart from the cartoon shows and movies, Toonjet also has a huge collection of Anime.


CartoonsOn is one another gem of a watchcartoononline alternative. Though they don’t have a huge library like other sites, they give the users a good streaming experience with good quality and fast buffering speed. The design is pretty simple for the users to navigate through the site and find everything easily. CartoonsOn allows the users to download their favorite shows or add them to watch later.

CartoonsOn is even best for the slow networks, the users won’t experience any lag in the video buffering. CartoonsOn doesn’t let their users compromise on the video and sound quality. They offer all the HD resolutions up to 4k and its completely free.

Super Cartoons

Super Cartoons

Super Cartoons is one another alternative of Watch cartoons Online, which is gaining so much popularity recently. Super Cartoons has a huge library for all Cartoon shows and movies. They update all the new Shows faster than any other website and there’s no cartoon show that you cannot find on Super Cartoons, they got it all. One feature which I personally like is the option to filter the search using the Character name, Show title, or episode number, etc.

The streaming quality is pretty impressive on Super Cartoons. If you’re a High-end TV user with a fast internet connection, then you can enjoy 4K UHD resolution. Users can also download their favorite shows and movies and watch them offline, which is a great feature for the devices with a slow internet connection.

Toon Nova

Toon Nova

Just like Watch Cartoon Online, Toon Nova is also a website that has only Cartoon shows and Cartoon movies. Toon Nova doesn’t have anime library like other Cartoon Sites. Toon Nova is a very simple and easy to use website where users can watch their favorite cartoons without having to signup for an account. Users can just access the Toon Nova website and start watching any cartoon movie or show.

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Since its a free website Toon Nova has so many ads on its website. Toon Nova is completely dependent on ads for their revenue. Even with these ads, Toon Niva is still a very good website with a great list of shows and movies.

FAQ Section

Is Watchcartoononline website legal?

Yes, it’s legal to in some countries to host TV shows/ Movies on their website. And it’s fully legal to watch the content unless you download or redistribute it to others.

Is Watchcartoononline free?

Yes, Watchcartoononline is a free website with a huge collection of Cartoon Shows and Movies.

Why am I not able to open

Watch Cartoon Online is blocked in so many countries. Users can download or buy a VPN app to access Watchcartoonsonline.

What are the mirror sites of watchcartoononline?

There are so many mirror sites for watch cartoon online, you can try the following.

How do I request for a show/Movie on WatchCartoonOnline?

1) Visit using a browser.
2) On the Homepage, Click on Help.
3) Now tap on Request.
4) Now enter your name, email address and the title of the show or movie you’re requesting fo and Click on Submit.

Does Watchcartoonsonline have an App?

No, Watchcartoonsonline doesn’t have an App for smartphones, but the users can visit to watch cartoons online for free.

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