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Casino Write for Us

Casino Write for Us – Submit a Guest Post on Gambling, Casino and Poker

Are you looking for an opportunity to become a gambling expert and share your insights, experience and knowledge on the topic? If you are, here is an opportunity to write for us on casinos, gambling and poker.

We are welcoming bloggers, writers and freelancers to submit a guest post on casinos, gambling and poker and follow their passion for writing. We aim to provide useful tips to our readers and guest posting is one of the best ways to do this. And, the best part is that you don’t need any formal qualification, just a natural flair or passion for writing and an interesting and insightful topic to engage and entertain our readers.

Whether you want to write about the latest information related to gambling, casinos and poker, or want to share an update about a new casino opening, write for us on gambling and casinos. We encourage guest writers to provide an interesting spin on a narrative or offer guidance to experienced and novice gamblers. Guest posting on gambling, casino and poker is a great way to teach our readers about the subject matter. And, it offers them the benefit of receiving information along with an outside view.

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Write for Us on Casino, Gambling and Poker – Submit a Guest Post

With casino write for us articles, writers can provide useful tips and tricks to our audience. It should help players learn how to improve their game with the right information. Even freelancers looking to share their opinion are welcome to write for us on gambling in the form of a blog or an article. And, you can regularly contribute to the categories mentioned above and submit a gambling guest post with relevant and appropriate articles.

However, before you get started, there are a few key rules to keep in mind. This is to ensure the content is suitable for our website and our audience. Keep reading to find out what they are.

We’ve listed a few topic ideas below:

  • Casino news
  • Sports betting
  • Sports news (football/soccer, boxing, MMA, NFL, basketball, cricket etc.)
  • Horse racing
  • Articles on poker, roulette, slots or card games
  • Betting advice or ‘how-to’ guides & strategies for beginners
  • Online games
  • How To
  • eSports
  • The gambling industry
  • Bingo
  • Lotteries
  • Poker
  • Poker strategy articles
  • Poker tips and advice
  • How to guides
  • Casino tips and tricks
  • Breakdown of casino games
  • Gambling industry news
  • Other interesting topics

Is Casino Write for Us or Gambling Write for Us a Good Category for Writers and Bloggers?

The short answer to this question is yes, it is. However, it comes down to the time and effort the writer is willing to invest in creating and editing guest posts on gambling, casinos and poker. And, when our website is used correctly, it can help writers increase the audience on their blog and/or website.

Also, whether you become a published writer on our website or not depends on how well you follow the guidelines provided by us. And, whether or not you can provide original content that adds value to our website and our readers too.

Guidelines to Follow to Casino Write for Us

Please go through our guidelines for casino, poker and gambling guest posts. Follow them to successfully publish your submitted guest post on casinos and gambling.

  • Your article must be written using simple English and with excellent grammar. There should not be any spelling or punctuation errors in the document. To ensure this, you may run your guest post on gambling and casino on Grammarly and make the appropriate changes that are suggested on the website.
  • The articles should be written in a fun, friendly and conversational tone. This will help the readers relate better to what you might be trying to say.
  • Don’t include irrelevant information or fluff when writing for us on gambling and casino. Along with being informative, the articles should be to the point.
  • We prefer that the articles be written in a non-promotional tone and without any advertisements present within. Also, refrain from including outbound links leading to any product or services offered by an organisation.
  • Any casino writing for us guest post should have a minimum length of 700 words.
  • Blogs and articles should be 100% plagiarism-free and unique. We request writers and bloggers not to submit articles that may have already been published on another website. And, it should not be available on our website either. Unique articles attract the attention of readers. So, it should be interesting.
  • Once your casino write for us article has been published on our website, it may not be used elsewhere.
  • When making any claims, be sure to back them up with credible sources.
  • Writers can include an author’s bio within 100 words at the end of their casino write for us And, within the bio, you may add one backlink to your website or blog. This will allow readers to get to know you and, if they like your article, they will know where to find you.
  • We understand it can be difficult for writers to spot mistakes within their articles. So, if at all possible, ask someone to read your gambling guest post before sending it to us. Along with helping you save time they will be able to spot more errors that you do within your own work.
  • You may include three to four relevant high-quality images with your article. However, they should be relevant to the topic you write on. Plus, they shouldn’t contain any watermark or have copyright issues.

What We Expect Our Contributors to Write for Us on Casino?

As mentioned earlier, we are looking for original ideas in the form of blogs and articles that share worthwhile information on casinos, gambling and poker. And, the articles should reflect the personality of the writer. Let’s take a look at some types of articles we accept.

  • We are searching for articles containing compelling and fresh ideas in the form of high-quality writing.
  • The articles should contain suitable headings with noted or numbered lists and well-structured paragraphs.
  • The articles may include reliable references to support your ideas and claims.

What Are the Benefits of Submitting a Guest Post on Casino, Gambling and Poker?

  • When writers create guest posts for our website, their content will be available to a large audience around the world. Along with helping you get an online identity, you will also have the chance to redirect readers to your website or blog. Over time, you will notice an increase in traffic and might also become an industry expert that readers rely on for ideas and information.
  • Using your guest posts, you can help people with useful information and the satisfaction you get by posting articles on the internet will also have a positive impact on you.

How to Write for Us on Casino, Gambling and Poker?

To write for us on casino, gambling and poker, you may email us at
and someone from our team will get in touch with you. However, it might take a few days for us to revert as we have numerous submissions made to us daily.

NOTE: We reserve the right to make changes to articles as we see fit before uploading them to our website. So, please be sure to follow the submission guidelines we have provided before mailing your article to us.

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