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We are looking for passionate writers, freelancers, bloggers and professionals in the betting, sports and games industries to write for us on betting, casino and games. If you have a desire and want the opportunity to share your ideas, knowledge and opinions with the world, submit guest posts on betting and grow your portfolio of writing samples. Our main goal is to provide valuable information to our readers to help them understand and excel in the world of betting, games and sports. 

To submit guest posts on betting, casino and sports on our website, contributors don’t need any educational or professional qualifications, all that is required is that you have a passion for writing high-quality and engaging content. We are looking for contributors to write for us on betting, casino and sports with something interesting and unique to share with our readers. We are looking for articles that cover tips, tricks and trends along with news related to betting, games and sports. And, if you follow the below-mentioned guidelines properly, your guest post on betting will be published on our website. However, bear in mind that we reserve the right to reject articles that are written without following our specific guidelines. Writers must make sure they only submit blogs that are suitable for our audience and website. 

Take a look at the guidelines that contributors must follow when you betting write for us

Betting Write for Us Opportunity – Submit Guest Posts on Betting, casino and Sports

We are not searching for industry experts but someone who has a knack for writing unique content that offers valuable knowledge and information to our readers. We want to help individuals learn and adapt to rapidly changing industry trends. However, it’s imperative to submit guest posts on betting, casino and sports that are written following the guidelines prepared by our editorial team as mentioned below. 

  • 100% Plagiarism Free

We request contributors refrain from writing for us on betting, casino and sports and submitting plagiarised articles. We are looking to add value to our readers’ lives and only want unique and plagiarism-free articles. Our first and foremost goal is to provide compelling and unbiased arguments through comprehensive and high-quality writing. Also, please do not attempt writing on topics that have already been published on competitor websites. Our editors will reject spun articles and ones that may have been copied or rephrased from other websites. 

  • Conversational Tone

When submitting guest posts on betting, casino and games, make sure to use a friendly and conversational tone to keep our readers engaged and entertained. We do not want articles that look like an essay, but more like a blog that provides valuable and insightful knowledge to our readers. Also, make use of simple English and avoid using complex words that may be difficult to understand. We want our articles to be available to everyone around the world so the language must be simple enough for anyone reading it to understand easily. 

  • Great Structure

To ensure comprehensiveness, please write for us on betting, casino and sports with good structure. This means your article should have the necessary H1, H2 and H3 tags where necessary. We want articles with a clear and concise introduction after the H1 tag. This should be followed by an H2 tag which is followed by a one-liner text that explains to readers what they are about to find out within the body of the article. Your guest post should also contain suitable sub-headings with proper numbers, tables, lists and headings within the body. If you deem fit, you may also include an H3 tag and include more relevant information within the article. Lastly, make sure to end your article with a suitable conclusion paragraph. 

  • Length

Whether you are writing for our website for the first time or have written multiple times before, make sure to submit guest posts on betting, casino and sports that are at least 700 words. We accept long-form content too so it’s up to you to decide how much longer you want your articles to be. However, do not repeat yourself to meet the word count or to make your articles longer than they need to be. If approved, it can be a great resource for our readers. And, over time, you may also gain visitors to your website or blog, gaining traffic and proving your credibility. Also, refrain from adding unnecessary information that isn’t related to your topic. Keep in mind that we are only looking for high-quality pieces that add value to our website. 

  • Backlinking

We encourage our contributors to include one backlink to their website or blog within their betting write for us articles. If we find more than one, we will remove them as we are looking to provide information to our readers. Your article should also not read as a promotional article created to market products or services offered by other websites. And, if we find such links within the articles, our editors will remove them. 

  • SEO-Friendly Articles

Regardless of the topic you choose to write for us on, it’s important to include the right keywords within your articles. And, they should not look forcefully included but appear natural within the flow of the articles. This is because the leading search engines have become more advanced with technological updates and can spot articles that are written solely to promote specific keywords. This will impact our website negatively and so, is best avoided. 

Why you should consider writing for us on betting, sports and games?

While there are numerous reasons why writers, freelancers and bloggers should consider writing for our website, here are the top reasons to do so:

  1. We will distribute your article on our social media pages which will go a long way in helping your brand grow and gain traction.
  2. When you submit a guest post on casino, betting and sports, it will result in more exposure for your business, whether it’s a start-up or an established business. 
  3. We have a large audience spanning the whole world so your article is bound to gain a large number of visitors. And, this could mean more visitors to your website or blog. 

So, do you think you have what it takes to write for us on betting, casino and games? If you do, here’s your chance! You can email us at mamacasinos@gmail.com and we will get in touch with you with the steps to take to successfully submit guest posts. 

However, please remember that our editors get 1000s of every week so it might take us a while to respond to your email. Once you have submitted a guest post on sports, betting or games, please be patient and wait to hear from us. However, if we take longer than 4 weeks to respond, you are free to take your article elsewhere. 

Also, once your article is approved and cleared to be published on our website, we will send you a confirmation email mentioning the date within which we will publish your article on our website. So, keep an eye out for it to stay updated regarding the progress.