3 answers to 3 questions about casino slots

The slot machines have always been very popular games in casinos. This means that you have most likely played one of them at some time in your life. And, while playing, you have surely asked yourself many questions about such casino games .

It is for this reason that we have wanted to answer three of the main questions about slots . If you are interested in the world of slot machines, then we recommend that you continue reading the following lines.


This is a very interesting question, because any possible answer may be correct. It all depends on the type of player who does it.

If your goal is to lose as little as possible , you should always bet the minimum amount. But if your goal is to have a chance to win a big prize, then you should bet the maximum amount of coins

The reason you need to wager the maximum amount of coins is because most slot machines require a maximum wager to unlock grand prizes.

Can you imagine a worse feeling than getting the winning combination for a big prize and not receiving it because you didn’t bet the maximum amount of coins?


This is one of the most common questions slot players ask themselves, usually after a losing session. Some players are convinced that casinos are trying to trick them and cheat.

But the truth is that casinos do not need to cheat. The room simply has to offer gambling opportunities following the rules established by the entity that licenses the casino , as is the case with eCOGRA .

In this sense, casinos have what is called ” house advantage “, which is the main way they have to survive. Said advantage, as we have indicated, is regulated and controlled by competent authorities.

And casinos do not have the capacity to modify this aspect. The RNG or random number generator ensures that all spins of the slots are completely random and following the probabilities with which each game has been designed.

In fact, before playing you can check the RTP or percentage of return to the player that each game offers. This aspect is fully regulated and guarantees a 100% honest and safe gaming experience.


This depends exclusively on you. Playing one type or another of slot has to do with the type of player you are. If you like the convenience of playing online slots because you don’t have to move to the casino, then you should be playing online. This is one of the many reasons to play in an online casino .

However, if you prefer to enjoy the atmosphere of a real casino, then you should play slot machines in a physical game room.

At the end of the day, both versions of the game work in a similar way, so you can live a quality gaming experience both playing online slots and physical slots.

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