5 things you have to do after winning a betting pitch


The good thing about winning a crazy bet is feeling for a moment the “fucking master”.  You don’t even know how you did it, but you had a feeling and it came true, without a doubt the proof you needed to confirm that you are a capo. We do not want to cut you off, but when you win a bet of this type there are 5 things you have to do if you do not want the money to go away before it reaches your pocket. 

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Enjoy the moment

We don’t want to be the ambassadors of the comedown, so the first thing you have to do when you win a crazy bet is enjoy. Put on a great song, boast of victory, tease your colleagues on WhatsApp, dance or do whatever you want to enjoy the sweet taste of victory. In short, enjoy it very hard because it may take a while to relive this feeling.  

Breathe and use your head 

Ok, we have already enjoyed it a lot, now it is time to go back to USE THE BRAIN . And no, we have not made a mistake in putting it in bold, underlined, red and capital letters, we want to highlight it because after winning a lot of money in a bet we can make the mistake of believing that we are the new betting visionaries. And I’m already telling you that if you think that you’re going to end up with the same amount of successes about the future as Sandro Rey, that is, ZERO. So please, breathe, relax, don’t do anything stupid and do what point 3 says. 

reap the benefits

And do it NOW. There’s no greater rookie mistake than thinking you’re on a roll and starting to bet all the money you’ve earned . We are not telling you not to bet your profits, do what you want since you are an adult, but surely as soon as you win, it is not the best time to start betting because you will get carried away by the euphoria of the moment. And one thing is clear, euphoria is never a good companion in your bets, unless you want to lose all your money. So now you know, when in doubt, take out all the money you have earned and put it in your bank account, it will come in handy for point 4. 

Give a caprichito 

Surely there is something on your “wishlist” that you wanted to buy for a long time and that, thanks to this bet, you can finally afford it without having a guilty conscience. So you know, to melt the dough as soon as possible and buy what you want so much because everything is advantages. At last you will have what you wanted so much and you will also have an object that will always remind you of this bet and how crack you are.

Analyze your success 

And after going through all the phases of victory, if you want it to be repeated, it is quite basic that you stop to think about how you managed to achieve success. Did you follow any strategy? What did you analyze to bet that? Was it a hunch?… Whatever it was that led you to make that bet, you have to take it into account and analyze it in detail. You may be close to discovering a method that can make you earn a lot , but a lot, of money and you can’t let it go. Think that many times we believe that we have had a hunch, but in reality our brain has connected the dots and has launched that impulse that can become your definitive strategy. 

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