5 tips for gambling at the casino

Many casino users , especially those who are beginning to discover this sector, may have wondered what their chances of winning are when they bet on these games.

In the same way, they will want to know if there is a game plan or a certain strategy that can help them get the fabulous prizes that casino games promise .

In this article we are going to show you  5 betting tips that work really well when it comes to gambling at the best online casinos. It is not about secret formulas that will make you rich, but a series of guidelines that will help you maximize your benefits and reduce losses.

In addition, we also recommend that you try new approaches and strategies yourself, since it is the best way to discover new ways to increase the odds of being the winner of an online casino.


The first of the 5 betting tips we bring you is to choose a reputable online casino . The most important thing is that this page offers a safe and fair gaming experience. Once this part is confirmed, you should look for a casino that offers a lucrative welcome bonus that is easy to get.

As the online casino industry is highly competitive, many pages try to attract new players by offering fantastic welcome bonuses. These bonuses are usually received in the form of free money to bet or as bet credits.

Normally you will have to deposit a minimum amount of money to be able to get the welcome bonus of an online casino, but this will allow you to multiply the amount deposited and count a much larger bankroll to bet.

An example of this is the Caliente Casino Welcome Bonus, with which you can get up to  $ 5,000 MXN  and a gift in the form of a free bet of  $ 400 MXN . Click here to visit Casino Caliente Mexico and get their fantastic Welcome Bonus.


Our next tip can be particularly helpful for players who don’t take into account the money they use when they play casino: The strategy we are talking about is called splitting funds . This tip works with users of both physical and online casinos. It is about dividing the funds that you are going to use on a game day taking into account the total amount of your bankroll .

For example, we can always use 10% of our bankroll to play. In this way, we will always keep 90% to continue playing the following days in the event that we lose the bet. This system requires the player to be disciplined and never use more money than budgeted to play each day, even if he loses the percentage he was planning to bet quickly.


The next step you should take is to research the best online slots, looking for the ones that are most beneficial according to the pay tables , for example. As you know, each slot has its own characteristics, functions of bonus and payment options, so the differences between games and others will be amazed.

In other words, the nuances that differentiate one slot from another can make a big difference in how much profit you can make in the long run. The most important thing is to play slots that have Wild symbols , Scatters, and special features, like free spins or bonus games.

If you want to visit an online casino page with hundreds of slots to enjoy, then we recommend that you click here and register with Codere México . The Codere casino has an extensive catalog of online slots and the most popular titles on the market so that the fun does not stop for even a second.


The return to player or RTP of casinos is the theoretical percentage of money played in online slots, which by default is returned to players in the form of winnings over a period of time or a predefined number of turns.

The term is used to describe the theoretical payout percentage of a game and generally varies between 91% and 98% (although the range can be extended). Therefore, you should always try to choose a slot with a RTP of 95% or more to play.

Furthermore, when choosing an online slot, it is essential to determine its volatility . Basically, volatility can be of three types:

  • Slot low volatility : profits distributed more frequently, but the rewards are low.
  • High volatility slots : they distribute profits less frequently, but the prizes are high.
  • Medium Volatility Slots – Distribute average winnings on a regular basis.


Finally, the last of the 5 betting tips that we have to talk about are the casino games tournaments . There are different types of tournaments and the most popular are perhaps poker tournaments. However, many of the best online casinos also host online slot tournaments.

While playing in tournaments, you can compete with other users and also plan your strategy in advance. By participating in tournaments, it is not necessary for you to win immediately, being able to generate long-term benefits.

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