8 Things Casinos Never Want You To Know

Casinos are an essential part of the entertainment industry. On the one hand, they want to attract a lot of traffic but on the other hand, they need to protect their interests and also keep fraudsters at bay. So there are a few things that casinos never let you on to:

1.You stand a better chance of winning some games more than the others.

Blackjack and Video Poker are two casino games where your chances of winning are higher. You can reduce the casinos’ advantage by studying the games and learning the tactics.

2.Casinos deliberately keep you engrossed to keep you playing

Brick-and-mortar casinos are designed to make you forget the outside world. No windows, no clocks – 3 AM is the same as 3 PM. Some casinos even offer free food and drinks to woo you and keep you playing for hours. 

3.The security keeps a close watch on you during your entire stay.

You should be aware that there are surveillance cameras at casinos. Your movements are trackable from the moment you enter the gate. Except for places like the bathroom and your hotel room, your actions are recorded to make sure that there are no chances of anything unlawful happening there.

4.If you win big, they are watching you for sure.

If you are winning big, security has set its eyes on you. When you are winning a lot of money, they will check for any fraudulent activities or insider involvement. You will never know, of course. If you are not cheating, you can continue playing and be sure that the casino (if reputable) will honour your payout.

The security is not there to harass winners but to discourage cheaters. 

5.Security can tell if you are cheating.

The casino security knows that there are behavioural “tells” for card counters and cheaters. These tells are nothing but the behaviours that give away a specific action or intention. Security looks for cheating “tells.” For example, two guys sitting too close together while playing Blackjack at the same table will create suspicion. The chances are that they are switching cards to make one hand stronger. Similarly, if someone starts placing unusually high bets, it could be an indicator that they are cheating.

6.The only places the casino is probably not watching you too closely are the Poker rooms.

Casinos do not spend a lot of monitoring Poker, because  players play against each other and not the house. So the casinos do not have much money at stake. Poker players need to deal with the money themselves and that is why the security personnel at the casino do not monitor these rooms as closely as they do the rest of the premises. However, if you cheat, the chances of you getting caught and blacklisted remain high.

7.Dealers want you to tip them generously.

Tipping the dealers is casino etiquette. Do remember most dealers earn minimum wages, and tips are their major source of income. Hence, most dealers want you to tip them directly and will not want to use the tip as a wager in the game.

8.Casinos use lighting to their advantage

Scientific facts and psychological triggers are studied when casino lighting is planned. The ambience puts a special focus on mood lighting – which is designed to keep players energetic.  

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Now that you are better acquainted with how casinos really work, you can be more wary when you actually go to one. And don’t forget to go through online casino gaming review websites as well to get more such insights.

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