Best Instagram follower tracking apps 2023

Instagram follower tracking apps

Instagram has been up in the air for a long time, becoming quite the spot for influencers and marketplaces. Blingy posts and frolicking stories serve as eye candy and increase the traffic on one’s page. However, many Instagram users have found that they have lost their followers due to various reasons. These accounts are getting unsubscribed or unfollowed by people. Some people unfollow pages to reduce their following count, while users may unfollow pages because their content is no longer suitable. Such occurrences can be pretty frustrating. Follower-tracking apps serve as a godsend in such events. While follower count doesn’t always equal conversion, keeping an eye on this metric is crucial. It can give marketers profound insights into their marketing strategies. This blog dives deep into the best Instagram follower-tracking apps that can be of service to an Instagrammer without compromising their safety.

Cons linked to Instagram follower tracking

Data privacy and security are major threats linked to using follower-tracking apps. Every tracking app requires the login credentials of the account holder. Owing to mediocre network security, this may pose the risk of unintended cyber crimes occurring. 

One way to prevent this is by ensuring that Instagram authorizes the applications used.

Instagram follower tracking apps 2023

  • Simply Measured

Available for free up to a follower count of 25000, this tool is used, among many other things, to keep track of the follower count of an Instagram page. Most users have reported having a positive experience using this app. The data interpreted is presented in a visually appealing manner. Additionally, users are allowed to chart their data.

  • Crowdfire 

Although not limited to Instagram, this app does the job of keeping track of the account’s followers just as well. The free version supports Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Crowdfire dives deep into the linked accounts to identify active followers and curates automated messages targeted at them. Crowdfire recommends its PLUS version for solopreneurs and small businesses.

  • IG Analyzer

Designed for marketers for whom time is limited, this app does the job in real time. It keeps track of people lurking around the page and recent unfollows. Another exclusive perk is seeing which followed account deleted their comment or unliked a post. This app comes with a seven-day trial period, after which services are available at about eight dollars per month.

  • Sprout Social

Coming with a 30-day free trial period, this app allows users to manage up to 10 profiles at professional and advanced levels. Upon linking the relevant socials, the app provides a customized report on the performance of each post. This includes impressions, engagements, and profile actions. It has a separate section allocated to Instagram competitors. It allows marketer to compare their audience growth and publishing behavior with that of their competitors.

  • Iconosquare

Primarily designed as a social media analyzer, the app can be extended in its application as a social media management tool. Simple infographics are the icing on the cake for this app. The mini sections under the analytics section give the user an insight into what can be improved about their campaign. This app comes with a 14-day trial period.

The most adored feature of this app is the “Industry benchmarks,” which compares performance with over 100 peer industries. This is in addition to competitor analytics.

  • GhostHunter

Aimed at targeting non-human accounts( also known as ghost accounts), this app optimizes credibility by removing fake accounts from the followers’ list. Doing so aids in boosting engagement. A potential downfall of having a ghost-following is a low engagement rate. 

Typically, the engagement rate is defined as the engagement ratio ( comments, likes, etc.) to the total following. Utilizing Instagram analytics is another way to determine a page’s engagement rate.

Pro tip: Driving organic traffic to the profile is the best way to bypass ghost accounts.

  • Squarelovin

Knowing the demographics can help marketers go a long way in their social media journey. In addition to showing engagement statistics, this app gives a thorough insight into the nature of a brand’s following. This might help the brand target material that is relevant to its audience. Its user-friendly design helps every Instagrammer stay on top of their marketing game. In addition to that, the app is pro-bono.

  • Union Metrics

Like all the apps listed above, Union Metrics gives a snapshot of a page’s engagement statistics. It consists of three prepaid plans to choose from. The cheapest plan is 49 dollars per month, providing surface-level page engagement information. The slightly costlier plan, priced at 99 dollars per month, promises to provide in-depth audience analysis. The priciest plan of 199 dollars per month provides an all-encompassing report. This can be suitable for someone wanting to know their engagement game’s ins and outs.

  • Social Blade

This app aims to provide a comprehensive look into the engagement dynamics of an Instagram page. The only con associated with Social Blade is its inability to track private accounts. Stating to be abreast of Instagram’s latest API ( Application Programming Interface), they can only obtain data from creators or business profiles. In addition, they have charts depicting the performance of top-performing Instagram accounts.

  • SocialRank

SpecialRank offers valuable insights into the nature of followers of an Instagram page. It does so by categorizing them based on their interaction. Not just that, they offer to sort this information using their wide range of filters.


This blog provides a list of the trending follower-tracking apps of 2023. While follower-tracking apps may be among many metrics to evaluate the health of an Instagram page, they are essential nonetheless. The good news is that these apps can help a page or profile achieve its goals. One can alleviate privacy concerns by sticking to apps that Instagram has authorized. If fraudulence is noted, unwanted retrieval can be prevented by changing the passwords associated with the account. It is key to exercise caution while downloading third-party applications. Keenly scrolling through reviews and exercising due diligence helps. 

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