4 Of The Best Poker Tournaments On The Planet

Do you love to gamble? Then chances are you’re a fan of poker too – and the great thing about that is that there are loads of ace events where you can test your skills. 

There are plenty of poker tournaments and special games around the world to try your hand at, but I have found four standouts for you to consider. 

Here are the best upcoming global poker tournaments that you can play: 

European Poker Tour

The European Poker Tour is one of the most prestigious and long-running poker tournaments you can find.

The tour has traveled all across Europe since its incarnation in 2004 – hence its name. Luckily for you, the upcoming host is Casino Barcelona in sunny Spain. 

The charm of the tour goes beyond the table, as all players and their guests are invited to an exclusive PokerStars Live Party. Fancy submersing yourself in all things poker? This may be the tournament for you.  

With the festivities taking place between 13 – 20th August 2020, you can show off your poker face and relax on La Barceloneta Beach all in one beautiful location. 

However, posting up the buy-in of $25,000 is a steep call to make. If, like me, this is a bit rich for your taste then you can brush up on your skills by watching at home.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open

The Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open offers No-Limit Texas hold’em, PLO HORSE and Omaha 8 all under one roof. If you are intrigued by a diverse selection of games, then look no further than this rock ‘n’ roll-inspired tournament. Here, you will no doubt find something that will suit your expertise. 

Buy in ranges between $150 and $25,500, making it inclusive to almost all levels of the game. Whether you’re a beginner or feeling particularly flush, this tournament is a bit of an all-rounder. 

The tournament is located in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hollywood, and will take place from18th November – 2nd December

Winamax SISMIX

The SISMIX tournament has earnt a fan favorite reputation amongst poker players and attracts millions from across the world. 

Offering the main event with a buy-in of $500 means that it refuses to cater to an elite few, instead opting to accommodate a variety of competitive mid-range players. 

The events bread and butter, of course, is no-limit Texas hold’em. Often this results in an action-packed week, so be sure to book off 23 – 27th September to attend. 

As an added bonus, this event will be held in the Costa Brava so pack your swimming costume and bask in the Catalonian coastline.

Asian Poker Tour

While there are indeed many brilliant poker tournaments, the highlight of any calendar has to be the iconic Asian Poker Tour. 

There are currently very few concrete details around the event. Though, expect a huge turnout and wave upon wave of no-limit Texas hold’em at the Paradise Walker-Hill Casino. 

The tour is pitching in Seoul for the second leg of its summer schedule, from 25 – 31st July 2020. Maybe this is the perfect excuse to finally commit to an intercontinental break. 

You can be sure there will be plenty of opportunities to win some money. With last year’s prize pool in Vietnam amounting to a colossal $380,000. If you consider yourself a true poker fan, this is the place to be. 

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There are a huge number of poker tournaments doing the rounds this calendar year. Fuelled by your passion for gambling, everything I have mentioned offers a brilliant excuse to tour the globe. 

Although these are a few of the biggest and brightest – why not also see what opportunities are waiting at your local casino too?

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