Why Players Are Making the Switch from Bingo Halls to Online

Bingo Halls

Bingo has long been a favourite of people in the United Kingdom and around the world. Bingo halls have always been a buzz of activity with people of all ages descending on the venues to enjoy a friendly game of bingo and have some fun. However, as we move further into the 21st century, players are making the switch from bingo halls to online bingo. Why are so many people choosing to replace their trip to the bingo hall with a game of online bingo?

One of the leading factors as to why people are switching from bingo halls to playing online must be the convenience. In the modern world, people are extremely busy and having the opportunity to return home from work and then travel to the bingo hall is not as easy as perhaps it once was. With free time being spent with family and friends plus additional leisure activities, heading out to the bingo hall when there are bingo games available to play online becomes less tempting.

Instead of having to get ready, head to the car and drive to the bingo hall, it is now possible to simply start up the computer and within a matter of seconds begin playing a game of bingo. Even if it is possible to walk to the local bingo hall in 15 minutes, this is still 14 minutes longer than it would take to start a game of online bingo. By the time you would have reached the hall, you could have enjoyed several games of bingo.

When bingo halls were booming, the number of other leisure activities available was lacking in comparison to what we have today. Back in the 1960’s, when bingo was at the height of its popularity, many people did not have access to a television whereas today you will often find more than one television in the same house. Furthermore, additional gambling opportunities have since developed plus the opportunity to go to the cinema. It is impossible to replicate the big cinema screen experience at home whereas it is possible to enjoy playing a game of bingo at home. That is perhaps why some players are making the switch from bingo halls to the online version of the game.

In terms of convenience, we cannot forget the development of mobile technology and how that has made playing bingo online easier than ever before. Whereas between the 1960s and 1990’s, if you wanted to play bingo you would have to travel to the bingo hall, today it is possible to pull a mobile phone out while sitting on a train and enjoy a game of bingo. All you need is a stable internet connection and one of the many mobile bingo applications to begin playing. By playing online bingo on a mobile device while travelling home from work, you free up time to do other things when you get home. It also helps to pass the time on long journeys, such as a flight when going on holiday.

In addition to the convenience of playing bingo online, there is also the added factor of increased game selection. When entering a bingo hall, you may have had a few options of the type of bingo game to play but in most cases, you would simply have to play the game chosen by the owners of the hall. That is not the case when playing online bingo and at any good bingo website, you will find a huge range of different bingo games to play.

All of the classic bingo games are available online including 90 ball, 80 ball, and 75 ball but where online bingo excels is the choice of new bingo games. Best Odds Bingo, Supersonic Bingo, Burst Bingo, Rainbow Riches Bingo, Emoji Bingo, Gold Rush, Age of Gods Bingo, and Deal or No Deal Bingo are just some of the variations on offer when playing online. You will not find the same great selection at the bingo hall and that is one of the reasons why players are making the switch to online bingo.

Another reason why people are drawn to playing bingo online is the bonuses and promotions. Any online bingo site worth joining will have a bonus available for new players. This could be in the form of a welcome bonus that gives you double the amount of your initial deposit to play at the website or an ongoing promotion such as free entry into a bingo game. It has become difficult for bingo halls to match these types of bonuses and is why some people have decided to start playing bingo online.

For those people who fear they may miss out on the social element of attending a bingo hall, the online chat feature when playing online means you can still socialise with other people. So, it is easy to see why players are making the switch from bingo halls to online.


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