Errors you must avoid when playing slots

It’s an accepted fact that of all the games you can play in a casino, the slots have more of a house edge than almost anything else. And yet, it’s entirely clear that people still play slots in huge numbers. There are reasons for this: slots are highly accessible and there’s also far more variety between games than there is for more structured games like Blackjack or Baccarat. However, just because there is a high house edge, and we have accepted that fact, it doesn’t mean that you should just take what you get and be happy with it.

Whether you have a favorite casino you always go back to, or you are running through a list of non Gamstop live casinos to get some variety, it is important to make sure you aren’t making basic errors that could cost you more of your bankroll, or deprive you of chances to increase it. So to ensure that you are getting the best leverage possible, it’s a good idea to keep in mind some basic necessities that remain constant however many times you play.

Don’t play slots with a lower RTP

A primary reason for the popularity of slot games is that they are fun. They’re colorful, atmospheric and engaging. And these are all good reasons to play a slot, but they are bad reasons to play a slot with a low RTP. If the casino itself is telling you that this slot is better for returns than that slot, you really only have yourself to blame if you continue to play the latter one and keep walking away with your bankroll depleted. Use all the information you have to maximize any advantage you can get.

Don’t look a gift horse (or spin) in the mouth

Casinos regularly offer free spins on a selection of their slots, particularly to people who play a lot. And it is an accepted fact that free spins come with strings attached in the shape of wagering requirements. However, the most important detail about a free spin is that it is free. On one of those free spins, you could win the maximum jackpot on a machine, and that will be an ample amount to survive any playthrough requirements they can throw at you. There’s a prevailing belief that free spins won’t generate big wins. This is false; the jackpots and bonus wins fall at random, and are as likely to hit on a free spin as a max bet.

Speaking of max bets…

It’s persuasive to believe that you will win more on a slot when you make the largest bet possible. And yes, a larger bet will have a larger return if it wins. But remember, we’re working with the knowledge that most bets don’t win. If the house edge on a slot is 10%, just ask yourself for a moment whether you’d rather hand over 10% of $1, or the same percentage of $10. And sure, the winnings will be lower, but if you win the jackpot on a small bet, it’s still a substantial payout. With lower bets, you’ll be able to make more bets, and have a greater chance of hitting a jackpot. 

The message is very simple: a casino is giving you every chance to not hand over substantial amounts of money for no return. Why hand that advantage back to them?

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