Gambling company Absolute accused of cheating

Absolute gambling cheating allegations

Online gambling giants, Absolute, have been engulfed in a serious cheating scandal after news surfaced that the Kahnawake Gaming Commission asked testing company Gaming Associates an audit of all activities on Absolute Poker during the period the alleged cheating took place.

The Gaming Associates would not comment on the scandal but did confirm that they would be auditing Absolute Poker.

The concerns have been circulating on poker message boards for the past few weeks and footage of the scammer, “POTRIPPER”, winning a $1000 buy-in tournament have made it onto YouTube. Unfortunately this Video is not available now for some reason.

Absolute Poker players had voiced concerns when one player, with an unpredictable style had started winning tournaments and large amounts in cash games. Some posters on the forums have even said that the player seemed to know what cards everyone at the table were holding and never made a wrong move.

When Absolute customers requested their hand histories to analyse play, they received sensitive information by mistake. The information included the emails and IP addresses of the players. One of the IP addresses was claimed to have been traced back to an Absolute Poker domain.

There has been no confirmation that the player is connected to the management and Absolute has denied of any wrongdoing but will help with the investigation.

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