How to play California Blackjack?


For those that are perhaps looking for a more unique blackjack variant and one that offers them something a little different compared to traditional forms of the classic game, California Blackjack may be the best unknown option available to enjoy.

Created in 1989, Roger Wisted decided to create a version which would be played against other players, rather than seeing players compete against the online casino. Indeed, it is a game that has grown in popularity in recent times, with overseas casinos accepting uk players now also deciding to host the game where bettors are able to enjoy incredible experiences of this unique title.

Here is some advice about how to play California Blackjack.

The Rules of the Game

The game of California Blackjack is played exactly like standard blackjack, with some notable exceptions. The main differences between the two games involve the inclusion of Joker cards. Those who play will find that California Blackjack employs a total of six decks of 53 cards. The Jokers are Wilds and can be given whatever point value required to reach a total of 21. Of course, when you have a Joker in your hand, it is considered necessary to stand in this situation as it will immediately boost your hand value to what ever you want it to be.

The same rules as standard blackjack, though, continue to apply in regard to the points value of each card.

The Round Playthrough

Players place a bet before the cards are dealt in a blackjack casino game. The dealer distributes cards to each player in rotation, beginning with the player closest on their left.

Additionally, this player is the first to act after everyone receives their two initial cards. They will decide whether to obtain a new card and get closer to 21, or whether to stand and hope they are the closest. It is important that to note that while an Ace and a ten still qualify as blackjack in California Blackjack, this hand does not have an advantage over other 21-card hands.

Game Rules

One of the most interesting rules in this version of blackjack is that the dealer does not get to check to see if they have a blackjack if an ace card has been revealed as their face-up card. However, if it is a Joker, then it will be revealed and any player with less than 21 will lose immediately.

Natural hands in California blackjack consist of two Aces, an Ace and a Joker, or two Jokers. The rules require the dealer to always strike on a soft 17. 

It is also possible to split the hand three times in a round, too, while it is also possible to double down after a split, too!


Overall, California Blackjack is a fun and exciting game that offers plenty of strategies for players willing to invest the time. Players can also use several easy-to-follow tips to adopt this variant in their home games. If you are yet to try it and want to enjoy a new and different experience that can enhance your passion and love for the classic game of blackjack, then perhaps this version is one you ought to try immediately!

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