How to unlock your casino account

As we explained in our previous article Reasons why an online casino account can be blocked , this situation could happen to any player. If this is your case or, even if this has never happened to you yet, we recommend that you stay with us, since we are going to explain some actions that you will have to take to unlock your casino account .

If your online casino account has been blocked by the operator and you also have money in it, your first reaction is probably to panic. The thought that you can lose all your money could be a good reason for this.

However, we recommend that you do not, as there could be an easy solution to all this problem. So be patient as you try to resolve this conflict and always be positive about the situation you are facing.


The first step you should take is to contact your casino’s customer service team . Any reputable casino has a live chat service , which is the easiest and fastest way to try to solve the problem. If they do not have it, then you should contact them through a phone number or by e-mail .

Customer service should be able to tell you why your account has been locked and help you unlock it. If it’s a simple reason, like you entered your login information incorrectly , it may be enough to send you an email to reset your account information and you’re done.

If it’s a verification issue , you may just need to submit certain documents to help pass the verification process and get your account operational again.


However, things can get a little more complex and it’s not always possible to unlock a blocked casino account, especially if you do n’t follow the operator’s terms and conditions of use .

If your problem has to do with a duplicate account then you have a good chance that your casino account will be permanently blocked. In this sense, if it is a clear violation of the terms and conditions , it will be very difficult for you to recover your account.


This situation will lead to a dispute or resolution of incidents . This route is requested when you believe that your online casino account has been unfairly blocked without customer service having satisfied your demands.

First, you must file a complaint following the complaint procedure of the casino in question. As of the submission of your complaint, the casino operator will have several days (and even weeks to resolve the conflict)

If you notice that the casino still does not respond to your claim, then you will have to go to higher instances. In Mexico there are two options to claim when we are in a situation of this type.

The first is to contact the administration in charge of managing gambling in our country, which is the Ministry of the Interior or SEGOB . Despite the fact that the regulation of online gambling in Mexico is not as adequate as it should, this entity will be able to help you in your cause and even act in relation to the conflict.

Finally, we can access the option of claiming international entities that guarantee the reliability and legality of the casino in question. These entities appear as a quality seal of the page, so they must demand a clear and decisive response to any claim filed by a client.

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