How to win money with the lottery: 10 tricks that work

win money with the lottery

How to win money in the lottery? This is what many players of the Euromillions, La Primitiva, the Bono Loto or the National Lottery are wondering. With these 10 tips you will discover how to win the lottery in Spain.

Everyone dreams of winning the lottery at least once in their life. We play a lot of tickets and shares at Christmas or El Niño, but we also buy the ONCE Coupon, especially when important draws are coming up, the Euromillions, La Primitiva, the Bono Loto, the National Lottery … But how do we He will win the lotery? Is there a magic formula for it or is everything in the hands of chance? Neither one nor the other, so let’s discover the keys to knowing how to win the lottery in Spain .

It is clear that luck is an essential factor in winning the lottery. If it does not accompany you, you can hardly win. However, there are a number of good lottery habits that will help increase your chances of winning a prize. Keep in mind that lottery games have several prizes, with the “Gordo” or the jackpots as the main course and a trail of smaller prizes that end with the refund of the amount wagered.

10 tricks to win the lottery

By following these strategies we do not guarantee that you will win the maximum prize, but we do guarantee that your chances of winning will be greater . We are not going to reveal to you how to know the numbers to win the lottery, since there is no magic formula for it; But if you want to know how to win the lottery, EuroMillions or any other draw of this type, you should pay close attention to the 10 tricks that we present below.

Choose the numbers well

It is a truism, but we have to choose the numbers well to win the lottery . Here we should differentiate between National Lottery or ONCE type draws, where we buy the numbers that are assigned in advance, from the Euromillions or Primitiva, where the player must select the numbers to be played. All numbers have the same options for exiting, but you have to choose your numbers carefully. Do not be guided by automatic generators , avoid resorting to numbers such as birthdays, consecutive numbers, the same ten or the same ending.

Always bet on the same numbers

Once the numbers have been chosen, you have to be faithful to them. Repeating the combination draw after draw offers more chances of winning than if we change the numbers. In fact, changing combinations is like returning to the starting box. New technologies allow us to apply this strategy also to draws such as the Christmas Lottery , although there are already people who play each draw at the same number.

Avoid winning numbers and combinations

A very common mistake is choosing the last winning number or combination . The chances of the draw result being repeated are slim, so better stay away from those combinations. It is one of the very few cases in which we can skip the advice from the previous point: if you have obtained a return or a minor prize, repeat the combination, but if you have won the first prize or one of the important prizes you should avoid that combination again.

Analyze the history of draws

It is one thing not to repeat winning combinations and another thing to ignore repeating patterns. There are numbers that, things of chance, come out more frequently even though they all have the same options. If the refund is frequently the same or if there is a termination that repeats frequently, take that into account when selecting your numbers. The statistics of the Primitiva say that 47 and 39 are the numbers that come out the most ; In the Christmas Lottery, the 5th is the most repeated termination … It does not guarantee you to win the draw, but it does make us start with a minimal advantage.

Consistency is a virtue

There is a chapter of The Simpsons where Marge stops playing the Lottery and just that week the numbers that she has always played come out. It doesn’t mean that if you don’t play for a week your numbers will come out, but it does mean that the more you play, the more chances you have of winning . If you play La Primitiva or Euromillions every week, you should repeat the bet week after week to have more chances of winning . The more times you bet, the easier it will be for your numbers to come out and get a financial return.

Multiple bets

La Primitiva, Bono Loto or Euromillions are games that allow us to make multiple bets, in which with the same ticket we can make several bets . Any statistical expert will confirm that it is preferable to buy five participations in a single draw than to participate in five different draws with a single ticket in each one , since the chances of winning in the first scenario are significantly greater.

Choose the right game

If you want to win the lottery, you should play in the right draw for you. The Euromillions, with its jackpots, is one of the most striking, but it is a European game and the chances of winning are less . In a smaller draw, the prizes may be lower but with fewer players you have more chances of winning . Avoid games in which there is always a winner, and even if you are looking for minor lotteries, remember to always play in legal lotteries and draws, regulated by State Lotteries and Betting or equivalent entities.

Set a weekly budget

The lottery can be your downfall if you don’t stick to a budget. Therefore, once we have chosen the draw or draws in which we are going to participate, we will design a weekly budget taking into account the draws that are organized each week, the price of participation, if we make a multiple bet, etc. We will adjust to this budget, being able to reinvest the profits in this or other draws, but also saving a part for other expenses. The budget must be adjusted to your economic level.

Play as a team

The more players you are, the easier it will be to get a jackpot, even if you have to distribute it among the participants. In Spain there is a tradition of playing in clubs , and it can help us win the lottery. The fact of playing as a team allows us to buy more tickets , so that we will have a greater chance of success. It’s easy to get rewards regularly, although it won’t always be the highest. It is important to be clear about the rules of participation in the club and the distribution of the prizes, but the joy will be shared.

Be wary of miraculous internet systems

On the internet it is easy to find courses that promise us the magic potion to hit the lottery prizes . They can also call us by phone inviting us to participate in fake clubs ensuring that we will win prizes of 4 or 5 figures every week. They are nothing more than scams with which they want to take our money. Never accept courses, do not access raffles that come to you via email and be wary of any infallible formula or system to win.

Now that you know how to win money in the lottery , just put these ten principles into practice and your chances of landing a winning ticket will increase. Remember that if you win an important prize, you will have to face the corresponding tax withholding , but that is something that cannot spoil your illusion. Do not forget that luck, always capricious, will have the last word ; and if you win a good prize, remember who explained to you how to win the lottery;).

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