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If you are thinking about using betting sites in India, you might want to know more about Indian gambling laws and the legal consequences of online gambling. People are often warned away from online gambling sites such as Gamblino, but that is not actually correct. Indian gambling laws are complicated, but online casino sites are actually legal and accessible in India!

Is Online Betting in India Legal?

You might have heard that online gambling is illegal, but actually, it is only operating betting sites that is illegal. There are no formal laws in India that forbid people from betting online. That means that Indian citizens can legally use betting sites, as long as they are operated by offshore companies.

There are no official regulatory bodies in India, but these foreign sites are regulated internationally by trusted global bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Check for regulatory awards and certification before you sign up for anything, though. Most betting sites typically include their regulatory body at the bottom of their page, so make sure you confirm the site’s authenticity before signing up.

What are the Gambling Laws in India?

India does not have any national laws when it comes to betting and gambling. When the Constitution of India was written, betting and gambling were put into the State List, allowing every state in the country to individually regulate betting and gambling.

However, most states follow the basic principles of the Public Gambling Act of 1867. Under this act, gambling is not an offense. However, it becomes one when it takes place in a gaming house or a public place. This means that online betting and the use of online casinos are perfectly legal in India, but land-based casinos are not legal. Because physical gambling houses are illegal, if you are caught in one, you may be arrested, fined, and jailed for up to three months.

Games of Chance and Gambling

In most of India, betting on games of chance is illegal, with the exception of a few states, including Sikkim and Goa. But what exactly are games of chance?

“Games of chance” is a term referring to betting on an outcome that you have no control over at all. That means things like slot machines, where there is no element of skill involved at all, and the results are purely based on luck.

Games of Skill and Gambling

Betting on games of skill has recently begun to be legalized and accepted in India. In 1996, the Supreme Court of India ruled that horse racing was a game of skill and so should be considered legal in India.

“Games of skill” is a term that refers to betting on games where your personal skill or knowledge can influence the outcome. If you are betting on horse racing, then a knowledge of horses and the people involved can help you to make sensible decisions. You can calculate odds rather than just guessing.

Card games are also considered games of skill, as knowledge and experience can make a huge difference. Sports betting has not yet been recognized as a game of skill in India, but things seem to be trending in such a way that it may be seen as one soon!

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