Is slots a game of chance?

slots game of chance

A slot game is called a game of chance because you don’t need skills to play and win. Most often, to win slot games, you need luck and consistency. Also, the chances of getting the same reward vary, and it’s based on the game. 

Meanwhile, if the Return to Player (RTP) is high, you will win more. For instance, a slot game that offers high winnings often has an RTP of 95 percent and above. Therefore, playing games with high RTP is one of the secrets to always winning online slots. 

How to always win slot games

You can start your journey to winning or losing with a click or tap on the slot. However, there are several ways to play slots and win. Below are slot-winning tips you should know.

Don’t chase losses

If you lose while playing a slot game, don’t try to chase your losses. It is almost not guaranteed that you will recover your losses. One of the strategies that encourages chasing losses is called martingale. The martingale requires you to double your betting amount whenever you lose. Following this strategy can ruin your finances and make you bankrupt.

Take breaks at intervals

Taking breaks at intervals is a good slot-winning strategy because it gives you time to recover. Most often, gamblers take breaks from slots when they are losing or have lost. Take breaks even when you are winning. Gambling without taking breaks will reduce your winning opportunities.

Use the bonuses

Most online slot games offer a new deposit bonus for their first-time players. Take advantage of the new deposit bonus to test and learn how the slot game works. As the name sounds, the no-deposit bonus does not require depositing your real money. However, every no-deposit bonus has terms and conditions.

Play the demo version first

Almost every online slot game has a demo version. You can play the demo version of the slot game first before depositing real money. The demo version of the slot game offers a sneak peek at what you should expect when you play for real money. Remember, your demo version winning cannot be converted to real money. For instance, most slots on Jackpotcity have demo versions. 

Start with small bets

Some slot games can be so interesting that you will forget to start with small bets. Starting your bets on a slot game with small amounts will reduce your risk of losing all your money. Also, small bets the risk of going bankrupt.

Draw a budget

Every gambler should have a budget without paying for slot games or games that require skills. A gambling budget will help you remain disciplined and reduce your expenses. However, you need to stick with the budget and don’t alter it whether you are losing or winning. A gambling budget could be weekly, monthly, or daily.


Whether you are playing a slot game or not, ensure that you are registered to a licensed online gambling platform. If you play with an online unlicensed gambling site, the possibility of winning is almost zero.

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