Jeffrey Hayes explains: How to wager a casino bonus

The online casino industry is getting pretty huge these days. With every new casino in the business, the competition is getting stronger. Therefore, all houses tend to offer various kinds of benefits, in order to attract more players. In most cases, the best way is to offer a casino bonus. Once the sign-up process is over, every new player gets a certain amount of money on his account. Jeffrey Hayes from gives us a quick rundown on how to wager your casino bonus in the correct way.

Why Would Casinos Give Bonuses?

You probably wonder why online casinos are giving free money. There are several reasons and once you read about the most important ones, you will realize that everything makes a perfect sense. As we’ve already mentioned, the competition is pretty tough in the online casino industry, so that would be the first reason. The second one is the fact that online casino overheads are significantly lower compared to land-based casinos. This allows owners to spend more resources on promotion and this is by far the best way to do it.

Casino bonuses serve not only to attract players but to keep them playing as well. With a decent bonus and reasonable requirements, players will tend to play more aggressive, to take more risks, find the hot slots etc.

Finally, keep in mind the fact that you will always have to meet certain requirements in order to get the possibility to dispose of your funds. In most cases, you will have a bet for multiple times before the bonus becomes cashable. Considering the average payout percentage, there is no doubt that you will spend much more money on playing before you get your bonus. Simply, the house always wins.

How About Bonus Requirements?

Each house has different wagering requirements. In most cases, you will get a bonus that includes a so-called “x” wagering requirements. For example, you will get a $100 bonus with a 20x wagering requirements. That means that you would have to play the bonus amount 20 times before you become eligible to withdraw the bonus. Translated to English, this means you have to spend at least $2.000 on bets.

There are other kinds of requirements as well. For example, a casino may set a certain sum as a requirement and then set a contribution method. Depending on the house, the percentage is different. The percentage may be different depending on the game you play. Simply said – the lower the house edge is, the lower contributions are. Therefore, low-margin games like Blackjack have a 10-percent contribution, which means that if you wager $100, your contribution to bonus requirements will be just 10 dollars.


All in all, casino bonuses are a nice thing. They are not something that can make you rich, but definitely is something that tells a lot about a certain casino. Along with other conditions, requirements and restrictions, it can show how a certain house treats its customers and that is the most important thing for convenient playing.

Once again, keep in mind that each casino has different bonuses and wagering requirements. Therefore, be sure to check every house before you make a perfect pick. Read the “Terms and Conditions” page of each casino, but also check online reviews and forums, as they are usually the best way to find out how a certain casino works.

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