League of Legends betting tips

betting tips

There are tons of games available in the esports industry, but it seems nothing beats the classic! 

League of Legends have been dubbed as one of the biggest esports in the world– and we see why! 

It is engaging, cutthroat and most of all, very much worth your time! 

In this article, we’re going to talk about how to bet in LoL and some great tips like choosing the best LoL team to bet on! 

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends– or better known as LoL launched in October 2019 is the brainchild of Riot Games with heavy inspiration from Defence of the Ancients, a custom map for Warcraft III. The main goal while developing this game, is to make a stand-alone version of the mentioned game.

A multiplayer online battle arena, it allows a player to control a character called “champion” who has a set of unique abilities. Up to this date, there are a total of 157 champions available to the players to choose from.  

The main game mode is for the champions to level up by gathering experience points by slaying their opponents. Items can be purchased with the use of gold and in turn this will increase the character’s strength. 

To win a match, the champion must defeat the other team and their defensive structures. 

Being a long-standing pillar in the esports scene, LoL is one of the most established online games to date. There was also an increase in demand with betting as this game still plays a major foothold in esports tournaments. 

How do you place a League of Legends bet?

It is a no-brainer that any and all games are ever changing. May it be just a small tweak, or a complete overhaul, every change counts as this can lead to either a win or an upset when the player least expects it. 

Understanding the concept behind this change is the key to understanding the entire game and the teams that are playing. Keeping up to date with these changes can help you utilize your betting techniques and strategies better. 

Another thing is to put your thinking hat on and set aside the emotion suit. While it is very much understandable that having a favorite entails attachment, we suggest keeping it on the down low and focus on analyzing the teams instead. 

We’re not telling you to hold back on supporting your favorite team or player, but it’s always best to keep the emotions at bay. This way, you can clearly think on which team can take you to victory! 

Lastly, it is imperative that you bet using a website that is not posing any risk and will let you enjoy the match without having to think about whether it’s safe to bet or not. 

If you’re looking for a website that offers such confidence, then Thunderpick is the one for you! 

One amazing ability of this website is letting you soak in the thrill of the game, while it does the work of tallying up your potential selections. This will give you your possible win amount. 

How to determine the best team to bet on in League of Legends? 

If you’re a gamer and have been playing League of Legends for a long time now, you most likely have an inkling of which team performs best during tournaments. But like any other game, teams have bad days regardless of how well they’re known to play. But knowing the game and the players can be very useful in determining which team will outplay the other. 

If you’re an onlooker and only interested in the betting aspects of the game, then don’t worry! We’re rounded up a list of the Top 5 Lol teams of all time for your reference! 

Top 5 LoL teams as per gamerzclass.com:

  • T1 ESPORTS – boasting a 74% win ratio and with three-time world championships under their belt, this team is standing at the top of the LoL Leaderboard. 
  • G2 ESPORTS – a Spanish professional esports organization founded in November 2013. They are hailed as the best team in Europe
  • KINGZONE DRAGONX – one of the biggest esports teams in Asia, Kingzone Dragonx was founded in 2010. They also have a 75% all time win ration under their belt. 
  • CLOUD 9 GAMING – Their current 1261 ELO puts them on top of any North American LoL team, making them the best LoL Team in North America.
  • FUNPLUS PHOENIX – crowned as the best LoL team in China, they are also known as one of the best LoL teams in the entire world. 

These teams have surely established their names on the LoL leaderboards but like any other tournaments, we’ll never know when a new prodigy team will come up, right? So it’s best to always keep an eye on every team! 

Use websites like Thunderpick to place your bets! Register here to join. 

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