New opportunities for the online casino industry in Brazil

online casino industry in Brazil

Sun, sea, and sand. A country of carnivals and samba in the street. Brazil has an image in the popular imagination as a country of good times, fun, and excitement. So, it might surprise outsiders that for most of the 21st century and until very recently it was illegal in Brazil to enjoy the thrill of gambling. But the country is joining a wave that is sweeping Latin America of favoring regulation over prohibition. And this is good news for the country’s players and the online casino industry.

As gambling prohibition, including for online casinos, appears to be coming to an end, it’s no surprise that more and more Brazilians are flocking to comparison sites to find the casinos online Brasil has to choose from. In a country not experienced in physical gambling establishments and used to restrictions on all forms of gambling, what will the online casino scene look like to Brazilians?

What options do Brazilian players have?

While it has been illegal for online casinos to be established in the country, Brazilian players have long been using the services of sites based overseas. But this situation was, at best, a legal gray area and the law changes are likely to encourage new players, who might have been discouraged by the legal situation, and bring online casinos into the mainstream.

Comparison sites list over 400 online casinos where Brazilian players can register. This includes live online casinos, such as those listed at, where users can play against real opponents and see and interact with them on screen.

What games will be popular among Brazilians?

As poker, blackjack, and other card games are among the most popular to gamble on among Brazilians, live online casino sites will likely prove particularly appealing.

That said, slots are also a crowd-pleaser among Brazilian players and are particularly popular among novice players, as the simplicity of the game makes it accessible as an entry into the online casino world. With many of the sites available to Brazilian players offering free slots, the game also offers a risk-free way for new players to test the waters before diving into online gambling.

Finally, according to an analysis of Google searches in Brazil conducted by the online gambling giant Betsson, roulette seems to also be of particular interest in the country. Roulette, like card games, lends itself to live online casinos, as players often like to be able to see the spin of the wheel to ensure that the game is not rigged.

Background to the legal developments in Brazil

The gambling ban in Brazil came into force in 1946 and originally covered all types of gambling. One exception was bingo halls, known as bingus, which could operate on the condition that the proceeds went to charity. Some of these venues have other games, notably slot machines, which have benefited from the “charitable purpose” exception to the gambling ban. So some Brazilians will have gambling experience from this context.

One paramount thing needs to be said. The lawmakers in Brazil are currently in the complicated process of putting an end to the era of gambling prohibition. Many forms of gambling, including the lottery and sports betting, have already been legalized and regulated. Now, it seems, online casinos are going the same way.

The people of this beautiful country are ready to enjoy this splendid form of entertainment and it would seem that the conditions are better than ever for this change to be made.

Of course, it is in the interest of everyone that this is done in the accordance with the law.

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