Play craps online with intelligence

Craps is one of the most frequently played online casino games worldwide, thanks in large part to the simplicity of the software and the simple rules that govern it.

However, mastering the dice is not as easy as it may seem, since the large number of bets available means that the user must have minimal knowledge of it. In any case, do not worry, since in this article we are going to offer you some recommendations and advice that will help you improve your performance as a craps player with little effort.

Understand the rules of the table

Understanding the rules of this online casino game is essential if you really want to win good prizes, so remember that each table, depending on the online casino or the page you play on, will have a different set of rules.

Therefore, it is vital that you know exactly the variant of the online craps in which you are participating, the particular rules that may have been used by the casino in which the game is played, etc.

Ensures success

Understanding and prioritizing the bets with the highest probability of success is the first foundation you should know when it comes to establishing a strategy to play craps online. Like all internet casino games, the house will always have an advantage, but the safest bets are those that give the online casino the least possible margin.

For example, winning bets on the pass line pay even money to the player and the house has only a 1.41% advantage, very similar to the percentage of red or black advantage in the game of online roulette. Although this is a conservative way to play, it is the best way to start if you are fairly new to the game as it will minimize your losses and at the same time give you a chance to win and maintain a solid bankroll.

Take advantage of odds betting

The best thing about odds betting is that the house has zero advantage in these bets. However, to make a odds bet, it must be made on another bet.

By taking the highest value odds bet, every time you make a pass bet or not, your chances of winning are increased, thereby significantly reducing the house edge over the total bet you have made.

Your bankroll determines the game pattern

The first item on this list is designed for the player with the smallest bankroll, while for those with the most cash, there are ways to win big if you accept the possibility of having losses.

Exciting high-risk bets include Boxcars (bet on 12) that pays a whopping 30/1 and Aces (bet on 2) that pay the same. However, if your bankroll is limited, then you should consider limiting the amount you are going to use for this type of betting.

Mark the best time to stop betting

It may sound obvious, but the best way to stay on top is to walk away when you’re winning. Although it’s often difficult to stop when you’re on a streak, it’s smart for you to know when to cash in your chips and take some downtime.

Online craps is not a different casino game than others and, when you manage to win an amount that we had previously established in our strategy, the most sensible move is to think about stop playing that day and accumulate the profits in our account.

Finally, it should be noted that craps is an online casino game with a lot of action, high intensity and that catches players easily, so follow these tips and try to get some winnings always with the utmost caution and intelligence.

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