Four Rules to Win Real Money Playing Roulette At Online Casinos

Learning how to play roulette at online casinos is easy. Winning real money while playing online roulette is a bit more difficult, but there are tips that will increase your odds. This article will be your guide to signing up at an online casino so you can play roulette. We’ll show you the main play options, while offering strategies to increase your odds.

Winning at roulette is not automatic, but online players can find many subtle ways to tip the odds ever-so slightly in their favor. When several of the factors below are stacked in your favor, your chances of winning at roulette grow.

Tips to Win at Online Roulette

A few steps you take can improve your chances of winning at real money online roulette. These are not roulette strategies per se, but they do affect the house edge in a real ways.

  • Select European Roulette: European Roulette uses a single zero pocket, so its house edge is much lower than American Roulette. Always play European Roulette.
  • High Rollers Should Choose French Roulette: If you’re a high stakes player, play French Roulette and learn the full/maximum bet. It’s twelve bets in one, that makes the bet limit is 12x normal.
  • Play with House Rules: If you can find “La Partage” or “En Prison” house rules, pick these games to play. Either rule cuts the house edge in half, making it 1.35% instead of 2.70%.
  • Pick Welcome Bonuses That Accept Roulette: A welcome bonus gives house money to players who make a deposit. Many deposit bonuses ban roulette play, but some accept table games like roulette.

Table Games Bonuses & Promotions

Read an online casino’s FAQ page and its terms of use. These give the wagering requirements and other conditions attached to the welcome bonus. Most promotions have a contribution rate for different games. Slots, Keno, and scratch cards often contribute at 100%, while roulette and other table games contribute at 5% to 30%. Find a bonus with the best contribution rate for roulette.

Accepting bonus cash does not assure you’ll win the game. Players still need to get lucky to win, but it does weight the odds more in your favor. Playing with a welcome bonus lowers the effective house edge of a game.

Avoid Roulette Betting Systems

Sometimes, increasing your roulette odds involves avoiding big mistakes. Many so-called experts claim that progressive betting systems like the Martingale System helps players beat the house edge. Computer simulations using a billion spins have shown conclusively that flat betting outperforms the Martingale System. In fact, progressive betting increases the risk of ruin – that is, that you’ll lose your entire bankroll.

Practice Bankroll Management

Bankroll management does not assure victory, but it stretches your bankroll to keep you in the game longer. Smart players have a win goal to lock in winnings once they get lucky. They also have loss limits, so they walk away from the roulette wheel before they lose too much cash. Bankroll management also teaches a player how much to bet on a single spin of the wheel.

Making Inside Bets in Roulette

The longer a casino game takes place, the more likely the results will look like the house edge. Thus, if you want to beat the odds, the key is having shorter gaming sessions and approach roulette as if you were the underdog in the game, because you are. In most sports, the underdog wants to get a lead and then shorten the game.

Bettors can shorten the game in roulette by making inside bets. Inside bets involve fewer numbers, between 1 to 6 roulette numbers. The chances of winning are smaller, but the payouts are bigger. Keep in mind that inside bets have a feast/famine dynamic. You might get lucky and walk away with a big payout, or you might never hit on the bet. But if you grind away at the roulette wheel all day, your odds of maintaining your bankroll dwindle.

Play Live Dealer Roulette

Play European Roulette at a live dealer casino. Usually, live roulette has the same odds as online roulette. Also, live dealer roulette does not usually offer special house rules that lower the house edge. The welcome bonus usually does not apply to live roulette.

At the same time, live casinos often have bonus attendants who walk the casino floor and offer bonus cash to players at random. Sometimes live dealer bonus cash requires answering trivia or getting lucky.


Roulette players should approach their online casino sessions like a math problem. They face a small house edge and their goal is to do everything legally possible to increase the game’s return-to-player. 

The roulette strategies above are ways you can tip the odds in your favor a bit, which ultimately gives you a better chance of winning real money while playing online roulette.

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