Psychological tricks of online casinos that you should know so as not to lose money

online casinos

Online casinos, like any business, apply certain tricks to get their customers to bet (and perhaps lose) more money than they intended. But when customers know what these tricks are, they can identify them and avoid falling for them to keep better control of their finances when gambling online.

Therefore, before gambling at Sportium online casino or any other real money site, we recommend reading this article.

Slot game design

The most modern slot games are designed to better hide losses, which can even be disguised as winnings. How is this achieved? Well, you will have noticed that the most modern games have more and more pay lines. 

In this way, players spend more money because many of them place a bet, even a minimal one, on each and every one of the lines. If you bet, for example, $0.1 on each payline on a 20-line slot game, you would be betting $2 on each spin, perhaps without realizing it. 

As there are many lines, it is likely that in some of them you will get a combination of symbols that will pay a prize, for example, 5 times the bet. As in that line the bet is 0.1 dollars, you will be winning only 0.5 dollars when in the spin you bet a total of 2 dollars.

Knowing this information and being aware of this trick will help you to pay more attention to the amount of money you bet on each spin and to what actual winnings you are getting when the game tells you that you have won something.

lights and sound

When you have made a small “win” (which may not actually be a win) like in the example above, the symbols will light up and a loud dramatic sound will be heard. This trick tries to make you feel like a winner so that you keep betting, no matter if you are losing more money than you are winning.

The Bonus Trick

You have to be very careful with deposit bonuses, because they usually have very demanding wagering requirements. Suppose an online casino offers a 100% deposit bonus and you deposit $10. In your account will appear 20 dollars to bet. But the wagering requirement to release the bonus money is 30X and the deadline to fulfill it is 7 days. This means that you will have to wager a total of $300 within a week to withdraw the bonus. 

It’s unlikely you’ll make it. That is why the casino uses this trick to keep you playing and betting longer, to increase your chances of winning money.


Online casinos can actually be a good place to play your favorite games, but you should always be aware of how much money you are risking, how much money you are losing, and what your real chances of making a profit are.

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