Registration bonus: what do you need to know?

The online casino business is a very competitive industry, with rival brands constantly struggling to attract more players than other websites. Although this competition is fought on multiple fronts, ranging from the catalog of games to the design of the page, through the payment methods or the software that can be used, one of the most controversial areas involves free money for the player.

These benefits are known as registration bonuses’ or ‘welcome bonuses’ and involve the addition of additional and free funds in the account of the new user. In most cases, these bonuses are not activated until the player deposits a certain amount of money into their casino account.

If you are new to the world of online casino games , you may not have received your first welcome bonus yet . For those who want to know more before taking the plunge and start playing an online casino, we have put together this article, which shows the most prominent types of bonuses and the requirements for their withdrawal.


The first step is to go to the online casino page that interests you most. This part is really important, so it is convenient to take some time and do some research before making a decision. Not all virtual casinos are created equal, and it is necessary to ensure that this site is reliable before entering your personal and bank details.

Once you have found prestigious and secure casino pages, the next step involves creating an account with a username and password. This action alone may qualify for the free welcome bonus, although a certain amount of money usually needs to be credited to your account before the matching funds can be used. In any case, it is a simple question that can be achieved with a minimal investment.


The welcome bonus can be obtained in several ways, although generally they are easily achieved. In most cases, all the player has to do is be willing to bet some of the money from their first deposit. We show you below some of these bonuses.

No deposit bonus . This form of bonus is highly coveted by online casino players, although it is rarely € 100 as described. To summarize, it is a bonus that is granted to the player without the need to make an initial bet with his money.

Non-discardable bonus . This form of bonus is often combined with no deposit bonus to compensate for the ease with which it can be obtained. As the name implies, it is a bonus amount that cannot be collected or can be used in the event that the player has had certain losses.

Welcome bonus . This bonus is awarded to players who make their first registration, as a reward for it. Some welcome bonuses are achieved by covering a series of stages, and players have the chance to earn extra money by making their second, third and even fourth deposits.

This amount can also be attached to a specific type of casino game, giving players who are more likely to play a particular type of game a certain advantage, such as the welcome bonus of hot casino Bingo .

Referral bonus . This is achieved when a new customer recommends the online casino in which they registered to a friend or family member, and the latter also registers. The person who has received the recommendation is required to enter a minimum amount for the user who made the recommendation to receive their reward.


Before you can withdraw the free money that the casino gives you, you must meet a series of wagering requirements. This amount is generally expressed as a multiple of the original bonus amount.

For example, let’s say you received a $ 100 sign-up bonus, but the casino terms and conditions require you to enter and bet $ 20 before you can release it. This is a way of involving the player with the casino, ensuring that new customers have a real interest in gambling.

To finalize, usually the wagering requirements must be met within a period of time, otherwise, the player may not obtain said bonus. This is another method online casinos have of inviting players to participate after registration.

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