What You Need to Know About Sports Betting Bonuses for Existing Clients 

Are you a sports betting pundit? And, have you been with the same sportsbook since the start of your sports betting journey? 

Much is made of the welcome bonus or introductory offers to attract new sign-ups to the sportsbook. However, what about existing gamers? Do bookmakers offer long-time bettors thank-you bonuses for being loyal customers? 

These are valid questions and deserve a considered answer. Succinctly stated, a sportsbook should look after their existing clients, especially customers who have been with the brand for a long time. Otherwise, they could start feeling unappreciated and move away from the bookmaker to sign up with a new online sports betting agency.

Bonuses for existing gamers

Therefore, let’s consider a few examples of bonuses for existing customers identified by a promo code such as the William Hill bonus code.

The Golden Boot bonus 

This bonus is designed to reward gamblers who bet on one of the two teams playing each other in a football match. As with all bonuses and promos, there are terms and conditions attached to the bonus. 

This bonus’s conditions include the following: 

  • You must bet on a team to win the match. And, if a player from your chosen team scores a goal within the 90 minutes of game time, excluding any extra time, the bookmaker will pay your bet out as a winner even if the game ends in a draw or your team wins. 
  • Secondly, the maximum amount the sportsbook will pay out is £50 winnings. 
  • Thirdly, this promotion is only valid for certain football matches. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that, if you want to take part in this promotion, that the match you are betting on is included in the promotion. 
  • Finally, this promotion only applies to singles bets that are placed before the match begins.

Accumulator bonus 

An accumulator, Acca, or roll-up bet is multiple bets contained within one bet. Accumulator bets are most commonly offered for football matches but are also popular with big horse racing events. And their primary function is to roll up short prices into one bigger bet. 

An accumulator bonus allows you to boost your bet by creating an accumulator with more than three selections of up to £20. This bonus is valid for all sporting events except horse racing. It is only valid for one day and is only applied once per day. And finally, it is not allowed to roll over to the next day. So, if you don’t use the day’s bonus, you lose it.

In-play betting bonus 

In-play betting is essentially live betting. You can place a bet during the match. The odds are based on the game’s progress. 

For example, if Arsenal and Liverpool are playing each other and the pre-match odds are” 

Arsenal to win: 4/1 

Liverpool to win: 3/5

When these odds are calculated into probabilities, Liverpool has a 60% chance of winning the match. Juxtapositionally, Arsenal has a 40% chance of winning the match. 

Now, let’s assume, it’s halftime and the score is 1:0 to Arsenal. The bookmaker offers an in-play bet and adjusts the odds of Arsenal winning at 3/5 and Liverpool winning at 4/1. The odds have just been swapped around. 

If you take the in-play bet and Liverpool comes from behind and wins, you will lose the money you used to secure the in-play bet. However, the bonus offer is that the bookmaker will give you back 10% of your net loss back as free bets.

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