The best strategies to play roulette: Martingale

Do you enjoy playing roulette like you don’t with any other game? We understand it perfectly. It is no secret that roulette is one of the most exciting and entertaining casino games that we can find both in a physical casino and in an online casino.

This has a lot to do with the mechanics of the game and the uncertainty of knowing the resolution of each roll. Similarly, another aspect that increases the appeal of roulette is the types of bets available .

In this sense, any player who plays roulette will have multiple betting options where to place their money. Odds of winning will increase or decrease according to the type of bet made. Similarly, the potential winnings will be related to the bet made.

This can be confusing on many occasions, which is why in Best Online Casinos we have put ourselves to work to show you the most popular strategies to play roulette of all time.

Without further ado, from Best Online Casinos Mexico we are going to analyze the first and probably the most common strategy to bet on roulette: the Martingale Strategy .


We are sure that if you are a fan of casino games and have ever visited a physical casino, you will have observed players betting on roulette. You may also have noticed that many of them place their bets as if they were professionals, quickly and safely. It is very likely that these players have been using the Martingale Strategy .

This method is quite simple: it is about doubling the money wagered every time it is lost in order to recover previous losses and obtain a small profit.

That is, if you bet $ 10 MXN and you lose, the next step would be to make the same type of bet again, but betting $ 20 MXN. If it were to lose again, the bet would be repeated, but this time using $ 40 MXN. So until you win.

In the case of winning the first time you bet, the profits that would separate the next bet and the initial amount would be bet again.

Of course, the bet should always be on one of the 3 external options : black – red, even – odd or higher – lower numbers. This is so because these types of bets offer the highest odds of winning, specifically 48.6%.

To make it clearer, next, we are going to describe how the Martingale Strategy should be followed step by step. We always recommend using it in European Roulette . This is because it has a single zero, which increases your chances of winning compared to other types of Roulette such as the American.


First, you must find and select a physical or online casino in which to play roulette. If you are a fan of online gambling, then we recommend that you register and bet on roulette at any of the following Mexican online casinos .

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  • Finally, Codere Casino México is another of the Mexican casino pages that we recommend you to play roulette and apply this Strategy.


First of all, put a small amount of money in the type of bet that we indicated above. You have 6 options to choose from , which would be: black, red; odd, even, numbers 1-18 or numbers 19-36. Let’s think you bet 10 pesos on red.

If you win and you are going to keep playing, keep the winnings and make the exact same bet again (amount and type). You can stop playing, but the profits made will hardly be worth it.

In the event that you lose said bet, you must repeat it, but doubling the money invested. That is, if the initial amount was $ 10 MXN, this time you must bet 20 pesos on the red.

If you win the second bet, you keep the winnings and play the starting amount again. In this way, you will have recovered the losses and you can start the process again. If you lose again, you should double the bet and try again. That is, you should bet $ 40 MXN on the red.

This process should be repeated until you have lost your daily bankroll or have obtained benefits that may be interesting to you.

Like any game strategy, Martingale has its drawbacks. In this sense, we must avoid the fallacy of the player . This widespread myth in the casino world says that just because one result has appeared a large number of times in a row does not mean that the other results are more likely to appear in the next spin.

That is, with each new turn, the results that may appear have the same probabilities of doing so as in previous or subsequent turns. Thus, the probability of red appearing will always be 48.6%.

Now all that remains is for you to choose the online casino that interests you most and apply the Martingale Strategy. The amount you want to bet and the type of bet will also depend on you.

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