Useful Tips for Avoiding Online Bingo Scams

Online Bingo

Over the past few years, online bingo has enjoyed a solid surge in popularity. In fact, it has become so popular that some operators have even gone as far as live streaming bingo events via mobile gambling sites. Unfortunately, the internet is rife with less than reputable bingo sites that serve no purpose other than to scam players. Thankfully, it is possible to protect yourself from losing your money to rogue sites by familiarizing yourself with the traits of a legitimate online bingo operator. Here are three things to look out for when searching for a legit online bingo site.

Legit Sites are Licenced

One of the easiest ways to determine whether an online bingo site is legit or not is to check whether it is licenced. A licenced gambling operator is far less likely to offer unfair games, hinder payments, and phish personal information. Bingo sites need a licence from a regulating body within their jurisdiction to operate legally. In order to obtain such a record, the relevant documentation including the intent of operations needs to be submitted. A licence won’t be issued to any operator who does not meet the necessary legal requirements. If you aren’t convinced that a site’s licence is authentic you can verify it via the website of a regulation office.

Have a Look at the Banking Options

Trusted online bingo sites tend to have a number of banking options available for both making and receiving payments. As with a licence, this information should be clearly visible on the site. Depending on the region, credit cards and e-payment portals are known to offer consumer protection against fraudulent transactions, making them two of the safest payment options for online gamblers. If a bingo site only supports payment via direct bank transfer or cryptocurrencies, it will definitely be worth your while to dig a bit deeper to determine whether the site is actually legitimate or not. It is always safer to err on the side of caution even though there are many legit sites that only accept crypto.

Lack of Support May be a Red Flag

When searching for a reputable online bingo site to play on, check what is offered in terms of customer service. A fraudulent operator is far less likely to have a solid system in place to attend to player queries and complaints. A reputable service provider values customer satisfaction and will make an effort to ensure that players feel both safe and valued. Legit operators generally make various communication channels available to players. These include but are not limited to email correspondence, telephonic support, and live chat. Dodgy operators, on the other hand, may not have any support services available apart from a free-to-use email and an automated chatbot. 

Online bingo has increased exponentially in popularity over the last few years among both recreational and serious gamblers. While it is definitely possible to win good money while also being entertained, it is essential to never part with any of your money unless you are playing on a legitimate site. 


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