User Experience in Gambling Platforms Tested in Hands-On UX Test

User experience (UX) is the key to ensuring customer satisfaction in the online gaming world. The success of the best online gaming platforms lies in their ability to provide a seamless and efficient user experience.

However, players often encounter issues such as slow loading times, malfunctioning apps, and difficulties with withdrawals. To address these concerns, SevenJackpots conducted comprehensive tests on five of the leading online casinos available to Indian gamers on mobile devices.

Overall UX Test Scores and Applicability

UX Test Scores

The tests focused on identifying the advantages of one casino platform over another, specifically in terms of smooth gameplay, intuitive navigation, hassle-free e-banking, and effective customer support. These factors are particularly crucial for the young and dynamic Indian market, as not all casino apps work equally well on all devices.

The results of the study shed light on how well the leading European online casinos perform on popular smartphones in India. Some variations in user experience were attributed to the mobile devices themselves, such as affordable or premium models. However, certain features and functions were solely determined by the online casino platforms and their support teams. 

According to Ross Parkhill, CEO at Casino Days, the priority of Casino Days has always been to provide easy and swift gameplay across all devices. With a vast selection of 4000 games, the platform aims to cater to players of all types, while ensuring a trouble-free user experience to keep their loyal fans happy.

How was the test conducted?

To ensure a fair and comprehensive scoring system, the testing team followed specific instructions:

  • No 0 scores were given unless a feature was entirely non-existent.
  • A score of 1 indicated that the feature did not work at all.
  • Scores between 5 and 6 were assigned when a feature exhibited some bugs, display issues, or other glitches.
  • A score of 10 indicated a flawless and smooth experience, where everything worked exceptionally well.

test conducted

The scoring system employed a “Likert scale” that encompassed a range of possible user experience feedback values. Although the evaluation encompassed technical, visual, and e-banking aspects, the final scores were also influenced by the testers’ subjective experiences. When the gameplay was smooth, and the platform responded as expected, the assigned scores tended to be in the higher range.

Which Mobile Devices were Used in the Test?

The smartphones used in the tests were the market leaders in India. Based on popularity amongst mobile devices, these were the mobile devices being used to conduct the UX tests:

  • Xiaomi
  • Samsung
  • Vivo
  • OPPO
  • Realme
  • iPhone

For all listed devices, these factors were tested:

  • How easy is it to download the casino App?
  • How easy is it to sign-up?
  • How long does it take to open a game?
  • How easy is it to deposit some money?
  • How good is the overall navigation experience?
  • How easy is it to withdraw one’s winnings (or existing balance)?
  • How easy is contacting and getting a working response from customer support?

Testing Wi-Fi vs. 3G/4G Gameplay Functionality

Testing Wi-Fi

To evaluate the impact of different internet speeds on user experience, the tests were conducted using both stable Wi-Fi connections and mobile internet. The testers followed a specific sequence, starting with the launch of the app or login process, followed by starting a game within the app or casino website. The objective was to measure the time it took for the app to start and the overall user experience during gameplay.

The tests conducted over a stable Wi-Fi connection received positive feedback, with all platforms receiving perfect scores and no issues with user experience, game performance, or platform speed. However, when the tests were conducted using only mobile internet, some casino platforms experienced a slight decrease in speed. It was observed that heavy features and dynamic game elements might require pre-loading, which can be challenging with slow mobile internet connections.

Considering the importance of mobile data access and the fact that most functions, such as deposits and withdrawals, are initially performed under Wi-Fi connectivity, the results obtained from the 4G tests were given double weight in the overall performance scores. This adjustment was made to acknowledge the significance of mobile connectivity and to reward casino platforms that performed equally well under such conditions.

These are the conclusions and the Winners of the test

Based on the extensive tests conducted by SevenJackpots, several key observations and recommendations emerged. 

Casino Days emerged as the most accessible and user-friendly casino platform, delivering a smooth and intuitive user experience. 

Pure Win stood out for its exceptional customer service and compatibility with all mobile devices, earning it an average player support rating of 8.83. Bettilt, on the other hand, proved to be an advantageous option for players who prefer app access, offering seamless navigation, secure payments, and excellent graphics.

Players have the option to choose between browser-based casinos that log them out safely after each session or dedicated apps for faster access to their favorite online casino platforms. The final decision depends on individual preferences and priorities.

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