Which Online Game Can Give Me the Best Payout?

Best Payout

There are a few online games that have a really good payout structure. To find the ones that have the best payout would entail a few statistics we have put together. We have listed which games have the best payout in order for you to choose from.


Blackjack is a very common card game that is played in casinos. Today it has become common to also play blackjack online. Blackjack’s popularity comes down to the fact that it is very easy to win and the card game requires almost no skills on the part of the player.

Blackjack also comes in many different formats. The most popular and highest payout format is American blackjack. It has a 99.95% payout. That makes it the best format of the game. On the lower end is Double Exposure with 93%.


Roulette is a fun casino game that has also moved online. This game requires no skill and is purely based on luck. You only decide when to play and with how much money. You are probably very familiar with seeing roulette in a movie or film, especially if there was a scene in a casino. It is also a high payout game.

Roulette, with its different formats, comes in second on a percentage basis. European roulette has a 97.30% payout. On the lower end, American roulette has a 94,30% payout.


Poker is a skill-based card game that many people love to play. Often for real money in a casino or just for fun with friends. It also comes with a very high payout range. Skilled players know a lot about poker payouts but some of these can get a little complicated.

The highest payout of all the games is Texas Hold Em’. A form of poker that is very popular but not the most played.  Regular poker is a lot more common but does not have as high a payout as Texas Hold Em’. Texas Hold Em’ has a 98% payout where other forms of poker range at around 96%.

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Slots are the fun casino game that takes up most of the space on casino floors. Today you can also play slots online and it is growing a lot in popularity. The game relies on pure luck and it is popular because it allows for any budget. It also has a very high payout rate.

Online slot games such as 8 Lucky Charms come with a 97% payout. There are many more slot games you can play online that will have around a 95% payout. On the lower end, a game called A Night with Cleo is the lowest payout slot game we could find. It has a 92% payout. Either way, even the lower payout slot games do have their unique advantages.

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