Why Online Casinos Are Dominating the Land-Based Industry

Land-Based Casinos

The casino industry is known for being one of the largest industries in the world, with a size worth over 200 billion dollars. However, everything changed for the industry in 2020 with the birth of COVID-19. Gambling was put on hold before being launched on various online platforms during the lockdown. Following the lockdown, the income of these casinos has increased significantly. This brings about the question of why online casinos are suddenly more sought after than their physical counterparts.

It is more accessible

One major downside of land casinos is that finding a good land-based casino offering every game you want can be pretty hard outside of Las Vegas. When considering ticket costs, hotel bookings, and other factors, the desire to gamble quickly dulls. However, the availability of online casinos is one of their core strengths, and users are able to access these casinos and bet from anywhere in the world. 

Welcome Bonuses

Online casinos in Latvia offer an array of welcome bonuses and offers which entice customers to access and play on their platforms. These welcome bonuses include cashback offers, deposit bonuses, and free spins on slots games. Furthermore, online casinos offer promo codes that can be used to redeem some of their offers. This makes customers more prone to patronizing them because human psychology makes people desire things that come with freebies more.

Loyalty program

Not every online casino provides loyalty programs to their customers. Casinos offer special rewards to customers who have used their platforms for a long time. These rewards include multiplier bonuses, free spins, cashback offers, etc.

Diverse payment systems

When it comes to physical casinos, they tend to offer fewer payment platforms to their customers compared to online casinos, which provide more than three to five payment options to their customers. Some online casinos even go as far as providing cryptocurrency as a payment option.


One primary concern about going to physical casinos is the safety of your money. When you are leaving with your winnings, you can’t be assured that you won’t be attacked. However, most legitimate online casinos are hosted on secure platforms that are encrypted to prevent any form of theft. Basically, online casinos show their customers the benefits of playing from anywhere.

New Technologies

A major upside of online casinos is that they are constantly advancing technology-wise. New technologies are being discovered every day, from their payment options and platforms to the games’ graphics and user interactivity to make customers’ gaming experiences more exciting and realistic.


Casino platforms allow players to enjoy their favorite games without supplying their personal details. The value of anonymity cannot be underestimated in this digital age where packing and finding activities can be used to steal customers’ data. The assurance of playing their favorite casino games without having to supply personal details to the site is a huge bait for specific customers.

Land-based casinos are still an excellent choice when you go on vacation to Las Vegas or another place famous for its casinos. Still, most people tend to choose the more accessible and convenient option, which is the online casino.

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