5 simple steps to start playing at an online casino

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Perhaps you are attracted to casino games, but do not know how to register on an online platform and start playing safely. We know that ignorance often comes hand in hand with a lot of fear and mistrust. Do not care anymore! If what you want is to start playing in an online casino, we tell you here how to do it easily and safely in 5 simple steps.

Basic guide to start playing at an online casino

Everything we do not know generates doubts and some fear. More so when it comes to starting to bet for money on a virtual platform. However, the truth is that if you choose an online casino licensed in Spain, you can rest assured that you will be trusting 100% secure sites in our country.

Don’t put off any longer the possibility of enjoying the fun offered by roulette , blackjack , slots , bingo and many more games. Starting to play at an online casino is very simple and does not require too much time. Next, we will tell you what are the 5 steps you need to take to start playing your favorite games without having to give up the comfort of your sofa.

Choose an online casino that is good, safe and suits your preferences

Fortunately, there are now numerous top-tier online casinos in Spain. To choose one that responds to what you are looking for, you should pay attention above all to its catalog of games, the payment methods it enables, the availability and efficiency of its customer service and the security it offers its users.

To help you, we have already done this work for you and have compiled a list of the 30 best licensed online casinos in Spain . You can shop around and choose the one that best suits what you are looking for, with the certainty that any of them will be one hundred percent reliable and fun.

Create a personal account

Once you’ve chosen the platform you want to play on, it’s time to sign up and set up an account. To do this, you must enter your personal data, such as name and surname, address, telephone number and email. In this instance you must also indicate your age (or your date of birth). Remember that yes or yes you must be over 18 years of age to be able to play for money in a physical or online casino.

Now it only remains to choose a username and a password. These will be your credentials to enter the platform every time you want to play. Important: make sure that all the data you enter when registering is correct. They will later be subject to verification by the casino and you may run into problems if you are unable to produce supporting documentation.

Choose a payment method and make your initial deposit

Now that you have your account ready, you are a user of the casino. The next step is to choose a payment method among those enabled by the platform. It will be the one you will use to make your deposits and withdrawals.

Good online casinos usually offer a wide variety of payment method options, all of which are 100% secure and reliable. You will find everything from traditional credit and debit cards to more innovative means such as electronic wallets (PayPal, Skrill, etc.) and, in some cases, cryptocurrencies. Review the conditions of each one (accreditation deadlines, whether or not they charge a commission, etc.) and choose the one that is most convenient for you and with which you feel most comfortable.

Check your account

As we anticipated, the personal and financial data that you entered when registering and when choosing your payment method must be verified by the casino. This is due to regulations established by the DGOJ , the body in charge of regulating the gaming industry in Spain. According to it, all online betting houses and casinos must ensure that the identity of their users is validated. The objective? Avoid fraud and keep minors away from the game.

Again, it’s nothing to worry about. You will only have to send the documentation that can demonstrate that the information you provided is correct. Therefore, you will be asked for a copy of your identity document, passport or driving license. And, on certain occasions, an invoice for a service that arrives at your address issued in the last 6 months.

The documentary verification of your account is a procedure that will not require practically any time and that you can complete whenever you want. Although you must bear in mind that only once you have completed it will the deposit options greater than €150 and the assignment of casino bonuses and promotions to your account be available, added to 30 days from your registration.

In addition, a little later and in view of your first withdrawal of funds, depending on the payment method you have chosen to make your deposits, you must send a copy of your credit card (covering part of the numbering), a screenshot of your account in the case of electronic wallets or your account receipt in case you want to withdraw earnings by bank transfer.

Start to play!

When you have finished all the steps above, you are ready to start playing. Wasn’t it simple? Now all you have to do is browse the game catalog to choose which one to start with. If you still don’t feel ready or don’t feel like gambling with real money, you can opt for the free versions of your favorite games. The one of the best online casinos enables this option for its users.

You no longer have excuses not to encourage yourself to open an account and start enjoying the many benefits that playing at an online casino brings. As we saw, doing it is extremely easy and you can do it in a few minutes from any device with an Internet connection. Sign up at an online casino and start playing today. Of course, remember to always do it responsibly so that the game never stops being fun. Good luck!

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