Blackjack is very interesting game of cards where you need to score 21 points as early as possible to win game. That’s why it is also known as 21. It is a very interesting card comparing casino game mainly played between a player and a dealer. Main idea of game is to defeat dealer by scoring 21 points or score more than dealer without exceeding 21 points or let your dealer draw cards till he doesn’t exceeds 21 points. One or more decks of 52 cards are used to pay this game. Central idea of game is to defeat your dealer in any of possible ways.

Any who knows about the basic rules of blackjack but are unaware of terms like double down insurance multi-hand rebet split and surrender what exactly it means then you don’t need worry you can easily learn these skills. If you complete your blackjack in first 2 cards you can double you betting amount immediately. Initially each player is dealt with two cards.

You need to add the value of cards to make score. Aces have highest value, all face cards have 10 pints and all other cards have value according to the number depicted on card. Either you count ace as one or 11 it depends upon player and dealer. When cards are dealt player have an option for getting hit or player can also choose an additional card. So finally one who has scored 21 points or more than opponent but less than 21 points is declared as winner.

An amazing feature about Blackjack game is Rebet option. Once you have placed a bet, it gives you a chance again to bet on same amount. For this you need to press rebet option. A soft hand in black jack is when you combine ace with any other card not 10. In casinos you will find dealer option with soft 17.

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