Video Poker

Video Poker

Video poker is very interesting and thrilling game of cards played with 5 cards. Started in 70’s with time this game gained more popularity and today it is one of most popular casino games. This game is played on computerized console platform similar to a slot machine game. If you compare this game with traditional card game of poker you will find it very much different. The only similarity you will find here is same ranking system used in old version.

An interesting fact about video poker is extremely fast to play and like other machine games you should have to be skilled. Unlike any other casino game in this game you aren’t trying to beat another player nor computer. The main motive of game is to make a hand that makes you winner. The key to online video poker is to know your odds and risk exchanging cards with that in mind.

Before you start playing cards you have to insert money in machine or there is a chance to use bar-coded paper ticket which gives you some credit. With your deal on one or more credit and pressing deal button your game starts. Each player is dealt with five cards and player has an option to choose or keep the same cards. You can discard and exchange one or more cards from the virtual deck of cards. To find a winner you have to match your hand with table. There can be one or more hands at a time depending upon the hands matched with given table.

Depending upon the casino you should always choose a best version video poker that you think is more profitable to you and it will also give you freedom for play according to your own will. In different casinos you will find options like multiple hands, wild cards etc. while some casinos remove lowest paying cards. So among wide range of video poker always choose one that suits best for you.

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