How the best new online casinos draw in new players

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Online casino gaming is a pursuit that has gained in popularity steadily over recent years and, if the number of new sites popping up is anything to go by, there is plenty of room in the market. With plenty of existing players and the rise in interest creating new ones all the time, there cannot be any doubt that there is a lot of opportunity for casino businesses to augment their customer base. 

The salient question, then, is how they go about this. Online casino players are not restricted in terms of the number of sites they can play at, and there is no reason to suspect that they are constrained by brand loyalty. So any of the brand new online casinos in the USA know that they will have to make a persuasive case to get those players coming to their site to play their games, rather than sticking with what they know or picking one of the other newcomers. It’s essential, then, to look at how online casinos go about drawing in their new customer bases.

Offers and promotions

Navigate to any of the wide range of online casinos and you’ll see, in full color and large bold text, a call to avail of their newest promotional offer for signing up. Often you’ll be offered free spins on their range of slots games, a cash bonus to match your initial deposit, and potentially something more on top of that. Any time a new casino launches, it becomes clear that they have to match what’s on offer from the other sites out there, and beat it if possible. The more attractive an offer is, the more new signups the casino will get. It’s also going to stand in their favor if they have a range of other promotions to keep people coming back.

Conventional marketing

Sporting events are increasingly shown live on a range of channels that can be seen by more and more people throughout the world. Sponsoring a sports team, or a sporting broadcast, can mean that your corporate logo finds its way into the eye line of millions of potential new customers. This has no doubt got a lot to do with the large number of casinos that have chosen to sponsor teams in top leagues across a range of countries and sports. Those same company names will also show up on advertising hoardings at major sporting events, giving even new casinos a high level of exposure.

VIP clubs

In many ways another form of promotion, a VIP club will offer dedicated customers the chance to augment their bankroll and chances at a new casino. In order to join one, a customer will usually simply need to opt in to the club at signup, although how much they benefit will depend on how much they play. However if the benefits of joining the VIP club are unique enough and go beyond what other sites are offering, then these clubs can be a huge attraction for new players, and introduce an element of the brand loyalty that might be absent otherwise.

Variety of games

Any casino that wishes to have a significant market impact needs to ensure that it is providing the games customers like to play. Casinos themselves rarely create the games or commission them; there is a wide selection of slots providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Yggdrasil to name just a few. These providers and others also create table games such as roulette and blackjack, and any good casino will have hundreds of slots as well as dozens of table games. Having a linked sportsbook is even better – sports betting is highly popular and a readiness to provide that to customers will serve a casino well.

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