What Is A Points Bet?

Points Betting

Betting adds a whole new and exciting element to our favourite sports, so it is no wonder that it’s one of the fastest-growing industries all over the world. There is a wide variety of sports, players, and bets to choose from — so you can be sure to find your favourite. Choosing a sportsbook can be difficult, but with PointsBet Maryland being launched soon, you can take advantage of their diverse wagering opportunities. But what is a points bet? Read on to find out more. 

Points Betting 

A points bet is a new way of betting, made popular by the PointsBet Sportsbook. Before you start exploring points betting, it is always best to understand how it works, so you can give yourself the best chance of winning. This type of betting can be difficult to get your head around if you’re not familiar with it so here is a simple explanation of how it works: 

When you place a points bet, how much money you make, or how much money you lose is based on how many points the team you’ve wagered on wins or loses by. If you wager money on a team and they win by two points, you win double the amount on your slip, or if they win by 5 points, you win five times the amount you bet. 

However, the more money you wager, the more you stand to lose too. The wager has the same premise if your team loses — if the team you bet on loses by 2 points, and you lose twice the amount you bet. The stakes are high! 


Now that you understand how points betting could work for you, let’s look at some of the advantages that you may find that come with placing these bets. One of the most obvious benefits of points bets is that you can win a lot of money, even with a low-cost bet if you choose to wager on the correct team. Choosing to bet this way is also an alternative to fixed odds and means more excitement for the bettor as the variables can change all the way up to the very last second of the game. 


With all types of bets, there are going to be disadvantages too. One of the main disadvantages when it comes to points betting is that although you have the chance to win, you also have the chance to lose a lot of money too. The sportsbook that you choose will most likely set a maximum win and loss depending on the bet, but it’s essential that you try to limit your spending, so you don’t end up losing too much. Because of the amount you can lose on a bet, you need to have a substantial amount of funds in your account, so this type of betting may not be for you if you’re not comfortable with the risk. 

Other ways of points betting 

The PointsBetting Sportsbook features a number of ways to bet, including game odds and player props. There are odds you can bet on such as fantasy points, receiving yards, and rushing yards. This works as Pointsbet sets a number, and you must pick how much to risk above or below. 

You can also bet on multipliers, cross-team points and many others that can mean cashing in double or more of what you wagered or result in a loss if your bet is incorrect! 

Tips and tricks 

If you want to take part in points betting, it’s good to have a strategy so you can put yourself in the best position to win. Some of the things that you should know before you start are: 

  • Betting under a game’s total may not end well, especially if the game goes to overtime! So, try to avoid this strategy 
  • Choose games or teams with variance 
  • Set your limits so that you don’t lose more than you were expecting 
  • Exploit player props and use them to your advantage 

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