Roulette Winning Systems: This guide has everything you need to know on how to increase your chances of winning at roulette and get better odds when playing this exciting casino game.

If you’re new to roulette, I’ll give you all the information you need to get started and get the best chances of winning at the game of roulette .

Feeling like a roulette pro already?

In that case, I will share with you some handy tips and betting strategy tips that might help you.

Conclusion: If you want to find out how to get your best chances of winning at roulette, you’ll love this guide.

Introduction to the game of Roulette

Roulette Winning Systems: In this part of my new all-in-one roulette guide, I’ll show you how to set up the game correctly.

Does this sound too mundane for you? Playing roulette requires patience and dedication. If you want to maximize your chances of winning money on roulette machines, you need to focus on the right things.

The key to improving your chances of winning at roulette is to set up the game the right way and have everything set up before you play, not while you play.

That is why this roulette guide is divided into several different parts:

  • The “before” playing
  • The ‘while’ you play
  • betting strategies

Take all these sections very seriously. It is only if you learn to apply the roulette tips that I am giving you here that you will know how to get your best shot at roulette.

For me, it doesn’t matter if you play for real money or use free chips to play a free online roulette game. My mission is to let you in on all the roulette strategies that will help you get possibly better results than what you get today.

Roulette Winning Systems: Also, let me remind you that I have no ‘system’ for winning at roulette every time you play or tips for beating the game. Roulette is a defined game with a clear casino edge.

All I can help you do is:

  1. Choose the best sites to play
  2. Choosing the games with the best odds
  3. Choose the “safest” bets

About roulette sites in this article.

As you read this guide to find out the best roulette bet, you will see a number of links to online casino sites.

All of them offer free and real money roulette games, and more importantly, all of them have been vetted by the PokerNews editorial team.

You won’t find better places to play online roulette games than these.

Remember: play just for fun. Roulette is one of the most exciting casino games out there, and that should be enough for you.

Systems to win at roulette: When you go online with the aim of winning money at roulette every time you play, you make a mistake. Because the game should not be about making money.

Focus on the fun, play these free roulette games if you like and use my proven roulette strategy tips to have more fun with your roulette games.

Don’t Rush: Check Out The Game First

Systems to win at roulette: This is the basic rule that all experienced roulette players follow. Once you think you’ve found the right roulette table for your games, let the roulette wheel spin a couple of times before placing your first bet .

You want to do this to learn more about the table and the players who are already in the action.

It may seem unimportant, but when playing roulette in a land-based casino, it’s good practice to make sure you get along with the other players already in the game.

Stay away from tables where people:

  • aggressive look
  • talk too loud
  • bet too much
  • seems to be consuming too much alcohol

Those are signs that things can heat up any time the roulette wheel turns unfavorable. You don’t want to be playing at the troublemaker’s table.

Roulette Winning Systems: Shenanigans aside, monitoring the action before real money play begins is also a good practice to make sure everything is (or appears) completely transparent and legit.

Depending on where you play, a roulette game could be rigged or unfair, and it is important that you learn to recognize these situations in order to avoid them.

Practice Free Online Roulette

Roulette Winning Systems: Should you care how other players behave when you play online roulette? Most likely not.

But that doesn’t mean you should just sit down at the first table you find and let roulette do all the hard work for you.

The best way to learn how to play and get your best chances of winning at online roulette is to start from the free play option. If you don’t know where to get some free roulette action, I’ve put together a list of the best sites that combine free and real money roulette games.

With the free games, you can familiarize yourself with the roulette wheel, table structure, payout structure, and live dealer personality if you choose to play live roulette online.

Here is a list of the best online roulette sites that offer free accounts to play and practice:

The best way to start? Open a free account at one of these casino sites. There you can practice online roulette and learn how to play your games.

Roulette Winning Systems: A free play account with lots of demo money is extremely useful if you are a beginner at roulette and need to practice online.

It is the easiest and safest way to learn the differences between the betting systems that I will highlight in the last chapter of this guide.

If you need help, I suggest you open an account with Jackpot City, as you get up to $1,600 in free money to practice online roulette and spin the wheel risk-free.

The bonus is calculated on your deposits, so you can add the money to your account and keep it safe there until the bonus helps you learn to win more often.

Please note that you can find a full description of the Jackpot City website and bonus terms and conditions in this review.

European vs. American Roulette

Systems to win at roulette: I understand that this may sound obvious to more experienced players, but in case you don’t already know:

You should never play American roulette games. Always choose the European variant.

The reason why you should only play European roulette games is in the roulette.

The main difference between European and American roulette is the order of the numbers on the wheel.

American roulette has an additional pocket, as American roulette features a second green slot with a double zero, ’00’.

Oddly enough, both game variants feature the same payouts, meaning you’ll be paid 35 to 1 every time you hit the correct number. In American roulette as much as in European roulette.

What differs, however, is your chances of winning in the game.

Roulette Winning Systems: The fact that European Roulette has 37 slots means you have a one in 37 chance of winning every time you bet on a single number.

The odds get considerably worse when you decide to play American roulette. The second green slot takes them to one in 38 on every single number bet.

Since both roulette variants offer the same payout (35:1), your choice is quite obvious. You should only play European roulette games.

Now, to make things even easier for you, here is a list of the most popular online European roulette games.

How to Choose the Right Roulette Wheel

Roulette Winning Systems: The last step we need to consider in the Before You Play section of this guide to increase your chances of winning at Roulette is game choice.

You know that you should always rule out the American variant of roulette, but that’s not all.

You also want to learn how to choose the right European roulette game. This is how you maximize your chances of winning.

Don’t let the word “odds” fool you here:

Systems to win at roulette: Most European roulette games offer the same chances of winning, so there are no special roulette games that give you more opportunities to win money than others.

What you need to pay attention to, as you prepare to play real money roulette, are the table limits.

The limits represent the maximum and minimum bets allowed in the game and it is important that you learn to combine them with your bankroll.

Most of the online games I listed above accept bets from €/£/$1 to €/£/$5. Some would say that these are the industry standard.

Roulette Winning Systems: If you are just getting started with online casino games and are looking for ways to win at online roulette, start from the smaller limits and go for the 1 credit games.

There is no need to rush.

Once you are more confident and have a proven track record of positive results (and ROI) at roulette, this website features great high roller games that will give you the thrill you are looking for.

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning Roulette Games (Fingers Crossed!)

Systems to win at roulette: You know how to choose the right games to play and that you should always avoid American roulette.

Now it’s time to see what you’re supposed to do once your money is on the table.

You have your stack of chips; you found the table, you want to play…
…but how exactly do you get the best chances of winning at roulette!?

How Much Should You Bet on Roulette?

Assuming you already know what the minimum and maximum table bets are, let’s tackle one of the most difficult questions about roulette:

How much  should you be?

Systems for winning at roulette: The size of your bets is related to the size of your bankroll (the total amount of money you want to invest in your games) and the amount of time you plan to spend betting on roulette.

Let’s look at some numbers.

An average roulette wheel spins 40 times every hour. If you plan to play for two hours, you need to survive at least 80 spins.

Let’s continue with some basic math:

80 spins at €1 per spin means you need €80 to stay at the table for a full two hours before your money runs out.

However, that’s not how I play.

With a bankroll of €80 and a lower limit of €1, I bet between €5 and €8 on each spin. That’s because I like to combine the length of the games with my odds of winning.

Do you want to do the same? Here’s how you can maximize your chances of winning at roulette by doing the same.

You can combine this general roulette betting rule with three other elements:

  • Experience
  • betting options
  • betting strategies

While I can’t teach you the experience (but the free online roulette practice links are there for that), I can help you with the right bets and the best roulette strategies that won’t kill your bankroll.

How to Choose the Right Bets in Roulette

As I mentioned earlier, the single number bet pays 35:1 (35 times your bet plus your initial bet) and you have a one in 37 chance of winning.

So is this really the best bet you can pick in a roulette game?

Of course it isn’t.

Before I go any further, let me make something extremely clear:

This is a guide for beginners who want to know how to have the best chance of winning at roulette, or rather, how to get the best odds and minimize the risk of making losing bets all the time.

My goal is to show you how to maximize your chances of winning when you play. Not to scam you with a fake roulette money making system all the time or to teach you roulette winning secrets that don’t exist.

What I am about to describe may sound very boring to those who play roulette for the thrill of it.

If you like to make crazy and expensive bets, this is not for you. I’m here to help people find the best roulette strategies to win, not the most expensive hobby in the world.

The best way to win more games at roulette (or to minimize the risk of losing money at roulette, if you wish) is to focus on outside bets.

Although these roulette bets don’t lead to mind-blowing wins, keeping your bets on odds/evens, red/black and high/low gives you the best chance of a win.

These are by far the best bets in a roulette game and the only ones a beginner should focus on.

Outside bets pay 1:1 and give you almost a 50 percent chance of winning every bet you place.

Forget your lucky numbers. Forget what you “feel” is going to happen at roulette.

Concentrate your bets on the options I just gave you. This is how you get your best odds of winning when you play roulette.

You Earned Some Money: Now What?

Systems for winning at roulette: If you are serious about playing roulette for money, you should treat your winnings as if they did not exist. Do not add them to your bankroll.

In simpler terms, you should not gamble the money you win.

Experienced roulette players handle their winnings in a very simple way: they cash them out.

You must learn to define the bankroll of your games before placing your first bet on roulette. And then you have to force yourself to stick to that amount, regardless of what happens at the table.

If you start with the €80 bankroll mentioned above and find yourself with €120, withdraw the €40 and continue playing with the original €80.

It is easier than you think.

The more you do this, the more money you can save if you win at roulette.

Of course, this will be difficult when your bankroll starts to look too thin to survive, but that’s exactly when it’s imperative that you keep your winnings separate from your play money.

Think of it like a savings account. It’s nice to have a backup when things don’t go your way.

Roulette Betting Strategies

Systems to win at roulette: Finally, let’s review the most advanced part of this guide: roulette betting strategies.

As this is an article for beginners who want to know if there is a way to find out how to win at roulette (there isn’t), I’m not going to go into too much detail here.

Here at PokerNews I have other intermediate strategy articles where I explain all the details and nuances of the different roulette betting strategies.

If you are an advanced player (for example, you won 1,000 or more games of roulette, and not all in one night) and you are looking for an in-depth guide to give your casino account a new boost, I suggest you jump on them.

But if all you want is an overview of the different betting strategies that can help you stand a better chance of winning at roulette, here we go.

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