The BEST TABLE GAMES to Enjoy with the FAMILY


It is always nice to meet family and friends to share anecdotes, experiences and good times. They are spaces where one can forget about the routine, clear the mind, have fun and be entertained with talks, games and activities.

Board games are essential for this type of occasion. There are all kinds and for all tastes: strategy games, riddles, general interest , sports, construction, educational games on different themes, among others.

The most chosen in the market

Peru board games are a classic in all families . Next, we share the most selected by citizens:

  • Handstoys wooden jenga : it is a game for the whole family, whose use is recommended from 6 years old. Ideal for developing observation and attention, stimulating the precision of each of the players. Includes 54 wooden blocks with their corresponding instructions.
  • Lego brick box: it is a playful game that allows you to explore creativity and appeal to ingenuity. Although it is made for all ages, it is one of the most selected board games for children by parents. This is so, because it attracts a lot of attention and requires the concentration of the boys to be able to make new towers and figures, developing both the mind and its motor part.
  • UNO card game : 2 to 10 players can participate. Its use is recommended from the age of 7. It is dynamic, fun and engaging. A game in which fortune and ingenuity are related in order to achieve victory.
  • Monopoly – One of society’s favorite family board games , which has been at the forefront of the local industry for years. It is based on the purchase and sale of properties. The objective of the game is to build a monopoly that allows you to declare the bankruptcy of the other competitors, in order to be the absolute owner of the board. The game has cards, bills, dice and tokens to distinguish each player. It is entertaining and dynamic. It mixes chance, strategy and negotiation skills.
  • Take Richer (TMR) : It is one of the most selected table games for adults today. Ideal for meeting with friends. Have a good time, essential requirement. The game includes 220 cards, which are divided into four categories: Happy Hour, Never Have I Ever, Rhythm a Go Go and Take All. Players must select the category they like the most, mix the cards, take one each turn and meet the challenge of each one of them. An excellent game to share experiences, anecdotes and laughter with all your friends while having different drinks. The TMR can include up to 20 players. Ideal weekend plan.

Games are part of our history . They always come to mind when we remember different people and places. Therefore, investing in games that allow us to spend full and happy moments becomes invaluable .

Piece by piece finding beauty

Another of the emblematic games chosen by society are puzzles . Historical where you look at them. There is something for different tastes, with different types of complexities: children, adolescents, adults.

Puzzles serve to train patience and sharpen ingenuity , essential tools for the development of daily life. To complete them , it is necessary to display an analytical gaze, because without it, each one of the pieces cannot be identified.

Peru puzzles are very popular, chosen in all ages. This is so because although it can be completed and developed alone, they are also selected by families to be able to do it collectively. This stimulates group work, the ability to listen and the encounter with others.

Patience and the importance of processes

At a time when everything is mediated by new information and communication technologies – with the appearance of smartphones and the exponential growth of the Internet – it is very necessary to find spaces that promote face-to-face encounters, mental stimulation and the exchange of opinions. .

Likewise, the time and dedication involved in assembling a puzzle allows us to encourage perseverance and permanence, breaking the immediacy to which we are accustomed to achieve results .

This characteristic becomes something central, because it allows us to understand that in order to achieve certain goals, it is necessary to go through a certain process . This process is the one that gives meaning to the assembly of the puzzles, and the one that allows us to understand the stage of happiness that is reached when the last piece is placed.

Some of the most outstanding puzzles on the market are :

  • Minnie 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles: a puzzle that has a size of 70×50 centimeters and a thickness of approximately 1.8 mm. This entertaining puzzle enables children’s development of hands-on ability and critical thinking; while in adults, it makes it possible to disconnect from the routine and entertain them in their leisure time. Ideal for the whole family.
  • Clementoni Stranger Things Panoramic 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle: It is not only chosen by fans of the Stranger Things science fiction thriller series, but by all those who are fanatical about details. The images in these 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles are mind blowing. It has a unique printing quality and a perfection between the sheets of each piece that makes its final assembly fantastic.

Putting together a puzzle is much more than fitting pieces: it is sharing, it is laughing, it is getting excited and revaluing the importance of the collective, because each piece is not isolated but is part of a whole that is achieved by applying perseverance, patience, agility and ingenuity.

Puzzles can spark passions. Taking the time to develop activities that involve the abandonment of our technological inputs is something necessary , through the different board games.

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