10 Best Superhero Shows on Amazon Prime

Superhero Shows


Superheroes continue to have a special place in everyone’s hearts, regardless of age. Superheroes have been a common theme of fiction of all kinds. Their heroic tales uplift us, give us hope, and on a few occasions, offer us a fresh viewpoint on the problems we frequently miss in our personal lives. Superhero shows have certainly massively hit the mainstream, and plenty of content is available for the audience to check out. 

Feeling overwhelmed with the long list of streaming superhero shows and having no idea where to start? No worries! Mentioned below are the top 10 superhero shows available on Amazon Prime.

#1 The Boys

This is definitely different from a regular superhero show. For the general public, Superheroes are perceived as the ultimate saviors who are noble. However, they’re considered to be corrupt and violent by corporate entities. The show involves a team, The Boys, who aim to be on a heroic conquest to bring down all such corrupt superheroes and expose them to the world. Eliminating violence to the greatest extent possible, the show portrays the victory of good over evil.

#2 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is indeed the most famous female superhero out there. So far, there are three seasons, and the show is based entirely on classic DC comics. The main character is Princess Diana, made initially with clay by her mother and had life bestowed upon her by the Greek Gods. This made her the only amazon that mankind did not conceive. She grew up on a paradise island where the amazons taught her lessons of love, peace, and warrior skills. The show depicts her further journey as a Wonder Woman.

#3 Heroes

This popular superhero show comprises four seasons. It is an epic drama that portrays the lives of ordinary people, a street cop, a single mom, a genetics professor, etc. It depicts how things change when they realize that they possess remarkable superpowers, such as travel into time, the ability to get invisible as per their will, and many more. 

#4 Stargirl

Stargirl is a television series which is based on DC comics. Comprising three seasons, the show features the life of Courtney Whitmore, also referred to as Stargirl. She’s portrayed as a smart, athletic, and kind high-school teenager in LA, California. Her life comes to a significant turning point when her mother gets married, and the new family moves to Nebraska. Struggling to adapt to all the new changes in her life, she discovers that her stepfather used to be a sidekick to a superhero. This further motivates her to become an inspiration to the young superheroes and save the world from danger. 

#5 The Flash

The audience greatly appreciated this superhero show because of its extraordinary visual effects. Based on DC comics, the American show depicts the recovery of Barry Allen from his coma due to lightning. After the recovery, the protagonist gains superhuman speed and is set to protect the world from all sorts of evil powers.

#6 Invincible

The well-liked show on the platform, The Invincible, initially premiered in 2021 and became an instant hit owing to its incredible storyline. It is about a teenager named Mark Grayson who’s just an ordinary kid, like all others his age. Omni-Man, his father, is considered the most powerful man on earth, possessing extraordinary heroic powers. However, he develops powers of his own and realizes that his father’s legacy may not be as valiant as they seem.

#7 Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle

Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle is a three-part American television documentary that brings to light how superheroes have grabbed the hearts of kids and adults worldwide. The show depicts the valor and glory of superheroes which began with the birth of Superman. The entire show is one of the most comprehensive surveys of the vibrant comic book, discovering cultural history entertainingly and educationally.

#8 The Tick

The famous superhero show, The Tick, was released in 2016 on Amazon Prime. It is entirely based on an extremely old comic of the same name. The Tick is the show’s protagonist who arrives in the city wearing a blue tick suit. The foremost motive of the Tick is to discover the mysterious entity behind the world. Moreover, the show aims to portray how this superhero focuses on combating crime. The show is based on a parallel world where people accept the existence of superheroes.

#9 Doom Petrol

Doom Patrol has released three seasons so far and portrays the journey of four unlikely heroes: Robotman, Elasti-Girl, Crazy Jane, and Negative Man. As a consequence of some terrible incident, they’re scarred for life. These heroes are avoided by society and are perceived to be social outcasts. Due to this, they feel subjugated and traumatized. However, an idealistic scientist calls them to investigate a usual phenomenon. Together, they take an oath to save the world from all evil, despite being unaccepted by society. Although owing to the upcoming events and their honest deeds, society later appreciates them.

#10 Legends of Tomorrow

This popular release on Amazon Prime revolves around the journey of Rip Hunter, who was initially involved in causing harm to people. However, realizing the threats to earth, the time-traveler superhero decides to mend his ways and protect the planet. With the help of other superheroes, they all work towards saving the planet from an apocalypse. Further, The legends continue to save the world from evil. The first two parts of the show are quite dark. Nonetheless, the third season brings with it more comic and moody episodes. 


Superhero Shows are certainly one of the best genres to be watched for a worthwhile weekend. The list mentioned above of superhero shows includes the top-ranked ones according to Amazon Prime ratings and audience reviews. They are undoubtedly worth binge-watching on boring weekends to provide a perfect blend of suspense and thrill. 

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