How To Play Hockey Games On Doge Betting Sites In Canada

Hockey Games

Hockey has been the number one winter sport in Canada, with many Citizens going all out for the game. Over the years, Canada has made the highest contribution to the game, with hockey being regarded as their official sport in international competitions and the Olympics.

The sport is being played among all country tiers, even as far as the grass root. However, the most popular competition is the National Hockey League(NHL) competition, comprising 31 teams – seven from Canada and 24 from the united states. Furthermore, NHL matches attract large crowds, with attendances going up to Seventy Thousand.

Moreover, with the rise of crypto betting platforms in Canada, many citizens are now switching to sites that currently accept Dogecoin for hockey betting. Bitcoin betting sites have been the most popular for a while, but with the rise of dogecoin, Canadian punters are now showing interest in doge betting sites. This article will discuss how to play hockey games on Doge betting sites.

Dogecoin Hockey Betting

Playing hockey games on doge betting sites is more accessible than gambling on physical betting platforms. This reason has been down to the absence of fiat currency. Aside from this, there is not much difference in the procedures or styles of playing hockey games on both sites.

The Legality of Doge Betting Sites

Doge betting sites are legal in Canada since the government made it possible for its citizens to buy and trade crypto. So when logged on to a site, do not be worried that you are breaking the law. 

It is also essential to know that most doge betting sites are licensed either by the Curacao Gambling Authority or Malta Gambling Authority. However, other sites may have licenses from different authorities. For example, some areas have permits from the United Kingdom Gambling Authority.

Benefits of Choosing Doge Betting Sites

There are multiple benefits to playing hockey games on doge gambling sites compared to sites that work with fiat currencies. 

* They are Fast

Like most crypto betting platforms, doge betting sites are known to process transactions quickly. The processing time of dogecoin is believed to be faster than even bitcoin betting platforms. Withdrawals are almost made instantly, as all that is required is your wallet address.

* User Friendly

This factor is an important feature that is common among most sites. A good user interface makes gambling enjoyable compared to poorly designed sites. The best doge betting sites are fully optimized, meaning they should be compatible with any device. You should be able to log in to your account on your smartphone or your personal computer and still have the same gambling experience.

* Privacy

Crypto gambling sites have the highest privacy because they do not request personal information or details. However, if you select other means of payment, you might be required to provide any proof of identification, so it all depends on you.

Gambling with fiat currencies is straightforward to trace, with your banks receiving alerts on every transaction you make on a betting platform.

* Reliable Customer Service

It is always advisable to go for a site with 24/7 customer service. Sports betting sites with poor customer service tend to lose customers a lot. However, this is not the case for doge betting sites.

Doge betting sites pride themselves on their reliable customer support. They are known for their live chat feature, which has been helpful to many customers. Furthermore, this feature has made it possible for a customer to have any challenges he has faced when using the site to be answered speedily and effectively.

How to Play Hockey Games in Doge Betting Sites

Playing hockey games in doge betting sites is relatively easy, unlike others would have you believe. The different procedures and strategies you may use in a traditional hockey betting platform also apply to playing hockey games in doge betting sites. Below is a sample of how to play hockey games on dodge betting sites.

  1. Select your preferred doge betting site that accepts playing hockey games.
  2. Next, check if the site offers some of the above benefits. If they do, then you can register.
  3. After registration, click on deposits.
  4. Copy the wallet address made available to you, then go to your crypto wallet.
  5. Click on send crypto on your wallet, then paste the site’s wallet address.
  6. Next, input the amount of dogecoin you which to transfer, then hit send.
  7. The amount sent is made available on your account.
  8. On your account, scroll to the hockey categories, then select any league and wager.
  9. Then, choose the teams you want to bet on after extensive research.
  10. Lastly, select the strategy you want to apply to that game.

It is essential to know that the same strategy used on regular hockey betting sites also applies to doge betting sites.

Top Strategies for Steady Profits in Hockey Betting

It is good to know your game before throwing your money at betting platforms in sports betting. There are different strategies to employ in hockey games. These are a few.

* Moneyline

The money line strategy is the most common and straightforward method to bet on hockey games. In this strategy, all that is needed is to pick the winning team.

For example, if the Toronto Maple Leafs are playing the Tampa bay lightning. You may have odds of 2.15 for Toronto Maple Leafs and 1.75 for Tampa Bay Lightning. So if you decide to put One hundred dollars in both teams, you will get 115$ if Toronto Maple Leafs win and 75$ if the Tampa Bay lightning wins.

* 60 Minute Line

This strategy is also referred to as the 3-way Moneyline market. You can select three choices in this strategy: home win, draw, or away win.

Using the example of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Tampa Bay lightning, you can get odds of 2.65 for the Toronto Maple Leafs, 4.25 for a draw, and 2.2 for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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