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casinos in Brazil

Although it still has to be legislated and regulated, online gambling in Brazil is in a big swing. Simply, we are talking about a population of more than 200 million, so it’s no wonder that many online casinos that are located abroad accept players from this country. 

According to some estimations, there are more than 200 online casino websites that accept players from the biggest South American country. With such a wide offer and no legal protection, it’s obvious that Brazilian players need trusted sources, where they can compare different websites, regarding things like safety, games offer, promotions, customer support, payment methods etc. 

Fortunately, there are already several comparison websites with Brazil as the main focus. We present you the newest and the best comparison sites for casinos in Brazil.

This is one of the latest comparison websites launched in Brazil. It is a project of Robert Sousa, who is one of the most trusted online casino experts in the country. Of course, it is an affiliate website, but the content is actually pretty amazing. There you can find all kinds of information and learn everything about online casino websites that operate in Brazil, compare them and get help in choosing your best fit.

The website features a clean and simple layout. You will find no more than a couple of sections, which cover different aspects of casino comparison. For example, the first section compares online casinos in overall. So, you may count on the overall score of each operator, which includes evaluations of all relevant things, such as safety, information management, payment methods, games, bonuses, customer support etc.

The second section is about bonuses and promotions. There, you can compare online casinos and their generosity regarding promotions, welcome and loyalty bonuses. The third section puts focus on casino games. On this page, you can find out everything you want about different casino games, their rules, variations etc.

Besides comparisons, this website also offers a complete guide on how to choose an online casino. It covers every single aspect of online casinos and suggests players where to put focus when picking a place to land their deposits. The content is concise and highly educational – a real help for players who aren’t that much into online gambling.

This is one of the best known names in the business. This website has been around for a full 18 years and it is still one of the most trusted sources when it comes to casino comparison. This is a global website but it instantly recognizes your location and includes only casinos that operate in your country into comparison. 

The website has several pages, divided into a couple of sections. Of course, some of the most common are those that give overall site comparisons but as bonuses are some of the most popular things in the casino world these days, you can also compare casinos regarding their promotions. 

One of the sections is about casino games, where you can find comprehensive explanations of every major game. Furthermore, there are also sections about free online casino games, as well as a section with a whole bunch of guides and support.

This has been one of the major comparison websites for years, at least when it comes to the UK market. Since last year, it also offers comparisons of Brazilian websites. Besides Brazil and the UK, it also works in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. 

What this website offers is not just a complete comparison between online casinos, but some really nice additional content. For example, you can learn a lot about different casino games, as well as a lot about sports betting, something that Brazilians really like. Furthermore, there are also sections about Esports, as well as complete guides that can help you pick the right online casino for you.

This is one of the biggest online casino comparison websites you can find on the network. It covers virtually every country in the world, so all you need to do is to select the market you want and you will instantly get a list and the exact number of websites that operate on that market, as well as their comparison.

On this website, you can compare casinos in numerous ways, starting from the overall score, games offer, bonuses, deposit methods etc. What we also like is that there is a full review of every online casino on the list, where you can find out all the details you need, starting from the games, providers, payment methods, customer support etc.

Also, this website is full of educational content, where you can find guides and similar articles that can be very helpful in making the final choice. There is also a section with the latest news in the industry.

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