5 Tips to Help You Win Every Hour Rs 694 Million by 6/49 GO Lottery


6/49 GO is a new addition to Lottoland’s range of lottery games. Lottoland is reputed as the world leader for offering all major international lotteries along with casino games, scratch card games and many more exclusive and innovative games that are available on its portal. The draw for 6/49 GO, unlike Super Lotto 6/49, doesn’t happen thrice a week. Instead a fresh draw happens every hour giving its players ample opportunities to win. So, one has 24 opportunities in a day to win in this lottery and 27*7 in a week. It carries a jackpot prize of INR 1.8 billion, which is a huge amount of money.

Here are a few winning tips for 6/49 GO lottery.

• You need to pick six numbers from 1 to 49 and another one from 0 to 9. There is an option of Quick+1 where the numbers get picked automatically. Refrain from using this option as the computer picked numbers often have the worst winning odds.

• Pick the numbers taking into account the probability factor. You need to collect the data for the last few days and apply math to it. Find out what combination has a better probability of appearing in a draw. For instance, if 6 odds and 1 even has appeared only once in the last 100 draws, then you can easily write off such combination. Find ones that have appeared the greatest number of times and hence have better probability than the rest. Then choose your numbers based on your analysis.

• Once you pick your numbers, stick to those for some time. Keep playing the same numbers for at least a day if you are participating in few of the 24 draws happening on any given day.

• The winning odds of hitting a jackpot in 6/49 GO stands at 1: 1,55,37,573. This means if you are buying a single ticket you have only one chance in 1,55,37,573 that you will win the jackpot. To better this odd, you need to buy more tickets. Instead of investing more, you can form a syndicate, which is a group of people – all buying the tickets for the same lottery and splitting the money in case of a win. Let’s say there are 20 people each buying one ticket in your syndicate. In this case, your odds of hitting the jackpots increases to 20 in 1,55,37,573 without increasing your investment.

• You should not just focus on the jackpot prize but keep an eye on the lower-tier prizes too as they have good winning odds and help in recovering your investment. For instance, the odds of winning by matching three numbers stand at 1: 63 and it gets you around INR 400, which is the amount you invested if you opted for Glücks Spirale and five times the cost of the single line.

6/49 GO lottery should be played following the same tips and tricks that you would use in any other online lottery. The only change is that in this the draw happens every hour 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which gives you better flexibility and more opportunities to win.

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