9 useful Chrome extensions for online casino players

There are many reasons why more than two-thirds of internet users choose Chrome as their default browser, and if you want to play online slots like you never have before, you’d better be part of those two-thirds.

That browser is fast, available for mobile devices and contains many special functions that are really useful. So, when you go to play online slots , make sure you have the Chrome extensions that we will show you below.

1) PanicButton

Let’s face it, sometimes we just don’t want people to know that we are playing online. Not that there is anything wrong with the game. (If we thought that, we wouldn’t be here!) But if you have annoying in-laws to visit, or curious kids to worry about, you may not want to be seen spinning the reels when you could be doing other things that they might consider more profitable.

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That’s where PanicButton comes in. This free tool allows you to hide all your tabs with a single button. When you are alone again, you can click the button to go right where you left off. It’s simple, it works from the beginning and can save you from some awkward conversations.

2) Awesome New Tab Page

Chrome’s new tab page is fine and all, but Awesome New Tab Page takes it to another level. This extension gives you a fully customizable canvas to work with every time you open a new tab. Add your own shortcuts, all kinds of widgets and organize them according to your needs. It is a great way to easily access all your favorite casinos to play online slots .

3) Awesome ScreenShot

Have you ever achieved a great victory but have not managed to memorize it? That’s not a problem with the Awesome Screenshot extension. Download it to your Chrome browser, and the next time you get the perfect spin, grab it instantly with just a click. The app even allows you to add annotations and blur personal information.

4) Categorizer

We are creatures of customs, we always enter the same pages to find the slot games that we like the most. This application classifies your favorite sites according to when you like to visit them. It is especially useful if you do not want to forget the weekly bonuses of a certain casino .

5) Email This Page

When you find something good on the web, you can share it with friends, family or colleagues. The fastest way to do that? Email that page. This Chrome extension allows you to instantly send a page link to anyone through your Gmail or your preferred email provider. It is especially useful if you have gambling friends who appreciate listening to the latest news or juicy promotions .

6) LastPass: Free Password Manager

Online casinos do a lot to protect their customers, but nothing can keep them safe if they don’t have good password habits. That’s where LastPass comes in handy. This free password manager allows you to automatically create passwords that no one will be able to guess for every casino you visit. The only password you should remember is the one you use for the extension!

7) Pocket

Have you ever found a good article with tips on winning at slots but were too busy to read it? That has happened to all of us, and then we probably can’t find the item again when we have the time. This is where Pocket is a life saver. Just add articles, reviews and other interesting pages to your pocket and read them at any time . You can even sync it with your mobile phone to catch up on your reading on the go.

8) Cool Clock

Setting limits is a key part of responsible gaming . But we know that it is easy to get carried away and lose track of time. Cool Clock is a good way to prevent this from happening. This Chrome extension can be used to make small reminders at certain times to help you stop playing when necessary .

9) Lazarus: Form Recovery

No one likes to fill out forms, especially when trying out a new online casino and just want to have fun. But if you get an error after spending 5 minutes filling out the registration form, you probably don’t want to retype all the information, no matter how juicy the welcome bonus is.
One of the best solutions for this problem is Lazarus: Form Recovery. It’s a simple, but effective Chrome extension, which temporarily saves what you write in case something goes wrong . Goodbye frustration!

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