A Review of the Online Gambling Sector in 2019: New Casinos, Regulations, and More

2019 was a hectic year for online casinos. In the US, at least 20 states in the US legalized online gambling. Across the Atlantic, a section of British lawmakers proposed a law to restrict casinos. In Europe, new data policy laws forced casinos to shake up their policies.

In South America, a few countries adopted progressive gambling laws. Brazil reiterated its intentions to keep online gambling outlawed. But Canada, India, and New Zealand all agreed that their citizens could gamble on overseas casinos even if local laws prohibited casinos. 

Below are several more trends that made headlines in 2019 that could change how we play online casino games.

Forward Thinking Casinos

2019 welcomed a litany of casinos built with players’ interests at heart. These platforms, unlike their predecessors, are more focused on enhancing a customer’s experience. They are managed professionally, listen to players and solve gamblers’ pain points precisely.

Truth be told, casinos that care about players are what everyone wants. Customers have also been asking gambling companies to provide better bonus terms. And as a sigh of relief, many casinos have been improving their bonus conditions.

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As you probably witnessed, some new casinos didn’t bring anything new to the industry. In fact, some of the 2019-launched platforms looked worse than many established platforms. From customer support to bonuses, web design to payments, some new casinos have been awful.

Luckily, finding an excellent casino doesn’t have to be stressful. Look for a properly-researched list of the best gambling sites in 2019 and you’ll find the right new online casino. Compare the casinos and select one with irresistible bonus offers. But before you do, check the games offered, payment information and contact channels.

Gambling Laws

As it has become the trend, no year passes without a few countries changing their gambling laws. The UK, for example, updated some of its laws. The regulations look reasonable. Nonetheless, here they are:

  • Casinos must introduce a procedure to verify age and ID
  • Tools for Players to check if they are self-restricted
  • Measures to prevent players from using stolen funds
  • Requirement to confirm you are above 18 years

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Indeed, none of these laws looks out of the ordinary. In fact, some of them have been in effect for years. Based on the new laws, expect to be asked for verification documents faster than it has been the norm. The UKGC recommends casinos to verify players within 72 hours.

Another crucial update to the UKGC’s laws protects players from being denied their winnings. The policy was enacted in 2018 but most people only got hold of it in 2019. It’s a forward-thinking law, nevertheless. Players don’t deserve to be denied their money for any reason.  

Future proof Trends 

So many gambling trends took off in 2019 that it’s difficult to list all of them. Some, like mobile and live gaming, have been around for a while. However, they ballooned tremendously that it’s impossible to ignore them.

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Personalization, which has been disrupting multiple industries, was also trendy last year. Players asked casinos to tailor their services, and gambling sites responded overwhelmingly. If you use a great casino, you probably observed a few changes meant to enhance your experience.

Maybe you began receiving recommendations to play games that suit your interests. Perhaps you got some exclusive bonuses or you can access the casino using your native language.  These changes didn’t happen by accident.

The same can be said about casinos promoting their apps. Multiple studies show more and more people are using mobile devices to access the Internet than ever before. To capture the attention of casino players, gambling sites have redesigned their websites to suit mobile devices smoothly. 

Information-based Marketing

In 2019, online casinos took more strides toward creating an environment in which players make informed decisions. They promoted free spins and deposit bonuses, but they also publish bonus terms vividly.

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As we had mentioned, a lot more casinos offered no wager bonuses than previous years. Casinos with wagering requirements published direct links to pages explaining these terms. Additionally, many gambling sites toned down their focus on bonuses. 

While in 2016 most casinos had plenty of devious gimmicks to attract players. In 2019, casinos focused on educating potential customers about their platforms. They published their data policies clearly and offered support to anyone who wanted to contact the casinos. 

The US’ Gambling Industry Awakens

For a long time, the US had been ignoring the benefits of legalizing online casinos. But that all changed in 2018 when the Supreme Court gave states a go-ahead to legalize online sports betting. Suddenly, states realized they could earn millions through revenues from gambling companies.

Surprisingly, states have always had the authority to legalize online casinos, as determined in 2011. However, most of them embraced the industry in 2018, with 20 states legalizing online gambling in 2019. More jurisdictions will follow the trend in 2020.

 A legal online gambling environment means more casinos will tap on the US market. And if US citizens respond positively, there will be millions of more online casino players by the end of this year. So far, there had been tremendous growth in the number of US citizens joining online casinos, and the number is projected to rise this year.

Online Security

Attention to tighten casinos’ security intensified in 2019. Against that backdrop, multiple casinos welcomed public audits to prove they provide fair games. They also introduced safe security tools; Two-Factor Authentication as an example.

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Gladly, calls to secure the gambling industry have been paying off. Players have become informed of how to find safe casinos. They can differentiate a great from not so good platforms. More importantly, the efforts pushed scam platforms out of business.

Obviously, scammers never truly disappear from the Internet. There are still multiple platforms with endless complaints from customers. Most of them have been accused of withholding winnings and enforcing exploitive bonus policies. Luckily, players now know how to spot and avoid them.

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