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Gambling is immensely popular in Thailand and games like online slot games Gclub, 777, Poker, and Baccarat are leaders in popularity. A fun pastime for many locals. They can select from numerous online slot games and have a great chance to win. The popularity of online casinos in Thailand is growing exponentially and is expected to help the economy.

Government officials for years have debated whether or not gambling was necessary for Thailand. After an infamous raid in 2014 that led to hundreds of arrests for illegal gambling, the government has wondered how their economy could be with the help of the gambling.  

The committee is apparently considering opening a land-based casino and a slot online, specifically in Bangkok. Below you can see how this might affect the economy and the positive impact of legalization. 

Bangkok a Major Destination for Tourists 

Tourism is by far the driving factor for the legalization of gambling in Thailand. With its rich history and excellent food options, tourists want another way to relax. 

Gambling, for most people, is a way to unwind and have some fun. What more could you ask for if it was in an alluring destination?

Before the coronavirus struck in 2019, Bangkok had roughly 23 million visitors from around the world. Many casino brands have had their eye on stats like these for some time, salivating at the idea of opening a casino in Thailand. 

Thailand has plenty of other destinations too that are heavily traveled. Just look at Phuket and Pattaya, which are ranked 14th and 15th respectively in the world in 2019 for top destinations to see. 

Not only are these places heavily visited, but they offer a diverse amount of nationalities that visit. Residents from China, Taiwan, Japan, India, Asia, Australia, Russia, the UK, and the US all visit Thailand regularly, so opening a casino would benefit everyone. 

Gearing Casino Towards Foreigners

Interestingly enough, setting up a land-based casino in Bangkok has nothing to do with the residents that live there. Instead, the focus has shifted to the tourists and how much money they can blow while visiting Thailand. 

This would ultimately help the growing economy in Thailand. However, many have mistaken the primary focus and assumed that it was mainly for the residents of Thailand. 

This is not a bad point of view, but you can see how government officials have partially changed their perspective on the matter. It is hard to ignore the increasing number of tourists and what they could bring to Thailand. 

Checking Thailand Natives Versus Foreigners 

The proposed land-based casino in Bangkok has some interesting background checks for Thailand natives. To put it simply, foreigners have a much easier time playing if the casino was in place today. 

For Thailand gamblers, they would need to show a plethora of documents. These include some form of an identity card, specific career information, primary source of income, current financial status, any savings accounts, financial statements, and credits. In addition, there would be a minimum age limit and an entry fee. 

As for foreigners, they have an arguably much different situation. All they would have to do would be to show their passports. 

For this proposed complex situation, it is not clear why the differences are so vast between the two categories of people wanting to gamble. For now, Thailand residents will have to wait until further legislation is discussed. 

For now, online casino games and online slots are kings in Thailand casinos. The industry continues to grow and flourish and offers a fun pastime for many locals. If you find yourself in Thailand and enjoy online casinos, you can choose from the many options available for Thai betters.

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