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American Football

Which American Football teams and games do you provide coverage for advice on?

With these football predictions for today, our skilled tipsters are offering free NFL expert recommendations right here. We cover North American-based contests.

The most popular selections are the NFL ones, which begin with the NFL Futures predictions during the preseason and continue through Super Bowl LIX, which is scheduled for early February.

We also follow the Canadian Football League (CFL) and the collegiate leagues, thus we offer NCAA predictions. Fans can see who our tipsters believe will win the CFL this way, and since we cover all the leagues, you can receive Football choices even if the NFL season isn’t ended.

Our NFL bloggers have weekly blogs that you may read if you’d want to read about any of the blogs about this NFL season.

Who is the favorite to win the Super Bowl in 2025? Visit the dedicated Super Bowl LIX betting picks page to find out which team the NFL tipsters believe will win the big game.

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Best American Football Betting Tips

All of the predictions on this page, including those for the NFL, NCAA, and CFL, may span up to nine separate game-day markets, including lines, individual props, and team props. The season markets such as Super Bowl victor, NFC and AFC championships, four NFC and four AFC divisions, and player specials like most receiving touchdowns and most season sacks, among others, will be covered by the Futures selections.

Football Lines

Money Line (ML):

This wager supports both the home team and the away team to win outright. Most sportsbooks that provide betting on sports will use overtime to determine the winner. Picks on the Money Line carry less risk than Points Spread wagers as they don’t require a winning margin to be profitable. If you are an underdog (often referred to as a “dog”) bettor, single bets on the Money Line odds can be interesting if you’re hoping for an upset, with chances for the shock win occasionally reaching as high as 5/1 (6.0). £10 is a single bet that pays £60 on a 5/1. Conversely, game favorites could have prohibitive odds at the bookmakers. single bets with extremely small odds If you’re not a fan of NFL favorites, you might want to consider mixing numerous favorites in an acca to increase the payoff. An example of this would be a 4-team Acca.

  • Buffalo Bills at 1.4 (two out of five)
  • Los Angeles Rams at halftime
  • Chiefs of Kansas City @ 4/5
  • Patriots of New England @ 10/11 A If all four of your NFL picks are profitable, the £10 acca will pay (1.4 * 1.5 * 1.8 * 1.91) = £72. Check out our Best Bookie For Betting On The NFL Guide if you’re new to NFL betting.

Points Spread:  Also known as betting “Against The Spread,” or simply “ATS,” this type of betting involves giving one side an advantage while giving the other team (the Money Line favorite) points to make up. For instance, if the home team is favored by -5.5, the wager will not be successful unless they win by a margin of at least 6 points. A team that is placed at +5.5 can afford to lose by up to 5 points and yet have its wager win.

Game Total: Points that will be scored during the game are shown by the game total. If the line is set at 36, then ‘Over’ must have 37 points or more to be successful, while ‘Under’ must have no more than 35 points. All bets are returned if it ends with precisely 36 points (called a “Push”). Before selecting their Game Total choices, NFL tipsters may consider past head-to-head results, present form, and important offensive and defensive players who might be doubtful for the contest or on the injured reserve list.

Player Props

First Touchdown Scorer: This is the person who is being favored to score the game’s first touchdown. The coin toss can be very important in this market because it determines whose team has possession of the ball initially because its players receive the first shot at scoring a touchdown. Not only may the coin flip be the deciding element in your First Touchdown Scorer selections, but many NFL tipsters’ predictions could also be influenced by the team’s crucial offensive plays and drives, taking into account the available odds. The most obvious options, such as the running backs who are frequently involved when offensive drives conclude in red zone plays on goal, or the wide receivers who are important targets from the quarterback’s passing plays. The offensive teams’ star players who consistently score touchdowns will be well-liked options, but the bookmakers will raise the odds to reflect their probable appeal to wagerers. Even the most likely First Touchdown Scorers might be priced around the 5/1 tag if the games are evenly matched.

Anytime Touchdown Scorer: The nice thing about this bet is that it has the potential to win in the first minute and will still be active until the very end of the game. The selected player must score a touchdown at any time during the game in order to win. As previously discussed with the First Touchdown Scorer predictions, the sportsbooks will take their popularity into account when determining the ATS odds. Top wide receivers and running backs, who are the primary targets for the quarterback’s offensive plays, will be popular choices for Anytime Touchdown Scorers. The odds that the most likely offensive players will score a touchdown at any point throughout the game range from 1/2 (1.5) to 10/11 (1.91).

Team Props

Double Result:  Which team will lead at halftime and again at the end of the game? This market can be useful if you believe a team will dominate ball possession and maintain an advantage throughout the game, even if the money line (ML) is low. This is especially true if you think a team will win a match with ease.

Team Points 2-Way (Home & Away): This market is comparable to the “Game Total” market, but instead of speculating on whether the game will end with more points or fewer, you are speculating on whether the home or away teams will score more points or fewer. Once more, NFL tipsters will search for roster news, such as dubious players that could affect a team’s average scoring or point-allowing percentage.

Winning Margin: In this market, you can support either team to win as well as the margin of victory. For instance, if you think the Saints will defeat the Chargers but not by a touchdown or more, you can select ‘Saints by 1-6 Points.’ The winning brackets for both teams are available in increments of six points, such as 1-6, 7-14, 13-18, and so forth.

The events that are scheduled are mentioned above, with the best bet indicated. The result that our tipsters have selected the most times is this one.

In relation to the overall amount of choices available, you can see how many NFL tipsters are backing the result. This provides you with the proportion of NFL picks that back the result. A ‘Value Rating’ is produced by combining this percentage with the current odds. This indicates the overall value of the pick and is shown as a five-star rating.

If you want to check out the most recent bookmaker promotions and deals before putting your NFL bets, you can get some fantastic free bets on whatever you chose to wager on.

How to place wagers on American Football ?

There is a ‘Add’ to betslip option next to every American football game best bet. Use this feature to add any picks you see that you would like to back to your OLBG Betslip.

By clicking on the event name, you may be taken to the event page or add them from this page. You will consequently be able to view every market for that match.

You will see the ‘Add’ to betslip option for each outcome once more, which you may use to construct your OLBG Betslip.

When your betslip is complete, you can see which bookies are providing the best odds for the selections you have made. By choosing this bookmaker, you will be able to place your wager on their website using your betslip.

If you enjoy US sports, you might also find the ‘Accumulator Tips’ page interesting. A ‘US Sports Acca’ is offered every day, and a ‘Points Spread Acca’ is available during the NFL season.

Who are the best American Football Tipsters?

Visit the ‘American Football Tipster Table’ to find out who of our tipsters is doing the best. Here are three parts that you may see to see how is currently enjoying a lucrative month. Who has made money throughout the last six or twelve months, by the way?

The table can be sorted so that you can see the optimal strike rate, ROI, or level stakes profits (LSP). To locate consistent tipsters, you may also sort by the amount of profitable months.

This page will also display any tipsters who have open tips, a solid track record, or a current winning streak.

Ultimately, during the season visit our ‘finest NFL Tipsters’ page to find out which tipsters are the finest and what their current opening suggestions are. We only show tipsters who have turned a profit in the last 12 months on this page.

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