Bingo mini-guide

Playing Bingo , whether in the physical version or online , is really very simple for any user who knows casino games . Also, once you’ve mastered it, it can be quite fun, not to mention that there are times when it’s truly exciting.

In order to participate in Bingo, which is a game very similar to the Lottery , the player must buy one or more cards, in which a series of random numbers are distributed. If you play in a physical casino, there are counters where you can buy these cards.

If played online, the player has the option to choose to purchase a specific number of cards and let the game choose them. Or you can choose each card individually by clicking on the desired online bingo cards from the selection offered.

If you don’t like any of the cards on offer, there’s usually an option to get new cards, until you find some with numbers you like. In any case, the selected numbers will be from 1 to 75 or from 1 to 90, if you participate in classic versions of the game.

Once you have purchased your cards, the game will begin. The dynamics of it is very simple, since it is an instant draw in which numbers will appear randomly. You will be able to see these numbers, either through the TV screens of your favorite bingo hall or on the screen of your computer or cell phone if you play online.

It is about getting cross out all the numbers on your card, in the case that they appear during the draw, before the rest of the players. To do this, you must manually dial each number that appears, in the case of playing in a physical bingo hall. If you play online, you will have the option to check the boxes yourself or you can let the numbers be dialed automatically.


There are two ways to play bingo: by going to the casino or the room where you can participate in this type of entertainment, or by visiting the many online casino or bingo pages where you can participate in its virtual version. Both are interesting, but they have several nuances that differentiate them.

First of all, playing bingo in a physical casino involves a way to go out with friends or family to have a good time. It is a tradition that moves many Mexicans to meet with other people and share much more than just a game of bingo, but a good time of fun and company.

We can say that it is a weekly ritual and a meeting point that encourages us to share our daily experiences with loved ones. It can even be used to meet new people, who go to the casino with the intention of making new friends.

Playing online bingo is different in this regard. In this case, the player reaches the page alone and leaves alone. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on it because you can play while commuting to work or resting at home. Also, this form of bingo is much more accessible

It is true that it is also possible to meet other people who share the same online bingo room as us, but it does not have as many personal connotations as a physical casino, where there is more direct contact.

Finally, it should be noted that playing online bingo is usually cheaper than doing it in person, since the value of the cards is usually adapted both to bettors with a higher bankroll , and to players whose intention is to spend a little time and nothing more.

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