How to Stop Gambling Addiction

How to Stop Gambling Addiction

Gambling is enjoyed by many who want to earn some quick money. But, once it becomes an addiction, betting can ruin lives. Compulsive gambling is an illness wherein an individual feels an overwhelming urge to betting, and he or she can spend all savings, lie to someone for money, and even steal. If you think that gambling once is okay, it might become a habit unknowingly.

Several signs indicate that you are into a problem. For smooth and successful recovery, you have to diagnose this habit earlier and start the process to eliminate it from your life. Compulsive gambling is severe to get rid of; however, if you have a strong will and some help from professionals; you can overcome this progressive illness.

Gambling addiction: Indications and symptoms

Hidden illness, that what we call it. Because there are no physical symptoms of gambling addiction. You can identify an individual that he is under the influence of alcohol or drugs by merely seeing it. But the main problem; no one accepts the fact that he or she is a gambler, not even in front of themselves. However, if you have the following symptoms, you are into the gambling trouble.

Do you want to be secretive about your bets?

Others won’t understand, so why should I tell them. Let’s surprise my friends with a big win followed by a party. Sounds common? If you have any such thoughts before you place a bet, beware; change the thought process.

Are you unable to control the urge?

Can you stop after one bet; whether it’s a win or lose? Or are you willing to spent the last dollar from your account to get the lost money back? If your answer to the second question is yes, then it’s a trouble.

Are you willing to gamble without any money?

Once your savings are exhausted and you don’t have anything left to pay the bills. Then, do you try to earn money or borrow from friends or steal from your house to satisfy your gambling urges? If you are being pushed by your internal negative energy to do such things; you need help.

Self-help for gambling addiction

Realize and accept that you have a problem. It takes a lot of courage to stand against a bad habit, especially if you have lost lots of money or you are going through a rough patch. Don’t feel distressed. Many individuals were in the same position, but they broke these habits and living a peaceful now. If then can, you do it too.

Revive your mood in a healthy way. Do you only gamble when you are bored of living the regular life? Or you do it when you fight with your girlfriend? Your mind has taken betting as a soothing option for displeasure. However, there are better ways to manage your moods or get rid of boredom. Exercising and spending time with friends who don’t gamble and meditation are the best options.

Take mental and psychological support. Don’t fight the battle alone. Talk to a close friend or anyone in the family. You can talk to a trustworthy coworker as well. Make a girlfriend or boyfriend if you don’t have one. Join a club or a sports team, volunteer for child education, or enroll in any education course.

Register for a peer group. A support group can be valuable to change the habit of gambling. You can join an online group as well, like Gambling Therapy and Gambling help.

Fix mood disorders (if any).  Depression, substance abuse, stress, and anxiety can also lead to gambling addiction. Compulsive gambling is even worse. So, address the mood disorder and then deal with a gambling habit.

Ho to stop gambling?

For many gamblers, it is not quitting that is difficult. The problem is to stay in the same mode; away from gambling or friends who regularly bet. And because of internet, avoiding relapse is even more difficult. Various online casinos and bookmakers are available online. You need an internet connection and a smartphone to access those apps or websites. However, recovering from this bad habit is still possible if you surround yourself with positive-minded people, leave the finance control, avoid a site or bar that ignites your urge, and find healthy activities to spend your free time. Remove anything from your life that can connect you and gamble. Let’s talk in detail

Make a decision and mindset. Gamble happens when you do it. So, once the thought comes to your mind, stop what you are doing immediately and call someone. What consequences will it bring? Think about that. Tell your mind and alter ego inside that gambling is not suitable for you. Try something else to do, which is engaging enough to divert your attention.

Get rid of the money. Yes, you read it right. There can be no gamble without cash or plastic money. Discontinue the credit cards, for other payments; choose automatic deduction directly from your bank account. Let someone else be the finance manager for the time being. Keep limited cash in your wallet or purse and delete all the online bookmaking accounts.

Don’t leave your spare time. Gambling needs time because you have to watch the match, analyze the results, and then bet your money on it. So, don’t leave any spare time. Work, exercise, cook food, meet with friends in the free time, but do not use the smartphone much, primarily if you used your cellphone to bet in the past.

The game. Don’t allow yourself to bet. Stop watching matches for a while. If you do, listen with your family or friends who don’t gamble. Don’t roam around an establishment or environment that can tempt you for gambling. Let the casinos know that you are putting life is suffering because of this habit. Ask them if they can stop your entry.

This post is written by Stewart Dixon, who has extensive knowledge about sports betting. Over the year, he has been participating in online betting successfully and now he is sharing his knowledge for the newcomers.

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